March 15, 2004

I didn't sleep well last night. Tovin woke at 1:00 so I went in and pulled him on to the bed and went back to sleep with him until I got restless around 4:00. I decided to put Tovin back in his crib and return to our bed. I could not sleep but had a very active dreaming dream about buying the 75 acres that Ken and Paulette have for sale. If I would buy it I would ask for the full 80 with shop. I would clean that shop area so it looked like a golf resort. I would but red steel siding on shop with steel roof like Runky's old barn. I would consider insulating inside and definitely clean it up. Maybe a poured concrete slab with heated floor and grates in floor to drain melted snow - more windows on East side and better lighting. With all this would come monthly or yearly rent by Venhuizen Bros. Something very modest but enough to make it an investment for myself. The side barn I might want for myself for cattle. I would neatly and tightly fence all the pasture but not quite as much as Grandpa had fenced but maybe. I would work with DNR and dig a pond or multiple ponds for ducks and geese to nest and recreational ice skating. With the drained swamps I would either mow and plant corn for cattle on land or plant pine trees. All along the road I would plant pine trees. Around the shop and along the road would be flowering trees from apple, plum, chokecherry. More pines planted along the creek because near there I feel would be best building site but I would never build. The cattle on the land would be co-managed with Steve and it would be business. We would either raise and sell the beef to a stock yard or do custom beef processing just like we do deer. It would be about the same price as lean ground beef at store but as word spread and we developed a market we would increase some depending. Venhuizen Brothers Beef. I would make four wheeler type trails all around property that would be mowed by brush hog. During hunting seasons both waterfowl, deer, bear - land would be advertised and rented for days, weekends, etc. Steve and Kizzy would run a bed and breakfast from their home to accomodate hunters and increase attractiveness and money made. Along Highway 27 would be all pine trees as many that could fit between road and woods. All dead trees standing and majority of old fence and debris needed to be cleaned up. Lots of other things to consider but it would be interesting.

I got up around 5:30, giving up on sleep and went down and looked up the MLS for the property. I found it listed for $94,900 which was more than I had thought. I later called Ken and talked about property. I then called realtor June and talked some and requested DNR aerial photos with land boundaries, property tax values, and everything else she could give me. I want to see Ken and Paulette get good money but not sure how serious I am. I am praying about it and we will see. I think the big draw for me is that I know the land and have lots of memorys about it especially with Grandpa and the cows. Fencing the whole thing, repairing fences, chasing cows that jumped the fence, milking and early morning chores, driving through pasture in pickup to feed cows, hunting the northern 40 and watching a spike buck rub against a tree, clearing and skating on small pond many winters, etc. We'll see what happens but I'm sure nothing will. If Ken cleans up around shop and old trailer house area - it will sell and then I will dream somewhere else.

Tali looked good going to work with some new clothes and she felt very comfortable. We were listening to Bible trivia on the radio at 7:20 and the question was what is the greatest commandment. We knew it but Jeremy was unable to get in before someone else had told the right answer. While we were still excitedly talking about it, Tovin was over going through the books. He had brought one over to me while I was looking through my Bible and I thought he just wanted me to read it so I turned the pages for him on my lap and then gave it back to him. He went into the living room and looked at it. Shortly later he excitely came running back in wanting to show us something in the book. Tali looked down at the page he had it on and it was the greatest commandment in his little picture Bible shown in the picture above. Wow, we thought. Amazing and really neat. Wonder what got him looking for that, the radio question, us talking about it or what. Very neat.

I mailed a medical terminology book and the book Holes to Mark and Julie with a short letter. I just wrapped it in newspaper and sent it media mail so it might not make the postmaster said. I said oh well, give it a try. I think they just wanted me to buy some of their stuff. Also collected water sample and dropped off at traut wells for water testing.

Jeremy got his studies done which was nice so he went out and played with Sammy. I took Jana and Tovin out as well and Tovin ran around exploring everything while Jana sat and watched from the Weebok.