March 14, 2004

We tried to get up and going to the early service but we didn't do so well. We were about a half hour late but we still caught the singing and sermon which was very good related to not giving up on prayer. After church we went to ShopKo for some things on our way out of town. After stopping for gas in Foley we ended up getting to my parents place around 11:30 or after. Tali and I had a very nice talk during the drive so that was enjoyable.

We had a very nice meal and short visit with my family before heading to Mora. We got 12 more pounds of venison before we left. I rode with my parents into town and had a nice visit with them. Lot of people at Ken and Paulette's house to visit and see Mark, Julie and their new baby Holland Jean. Jeremy had a blast playing with the cousins and Tovin enjoyed the little dogs but gave them way to many crackers. Jana was kind of tired and Tali and I visited some. It was nice to see so many relatives at one time but never really get to talk with anyone much. Jer showed up and that was nice to see him but didn't get to talk much. We gave him 6 lbs of venison before we left a little after 4:00. Things I learned: Chris accidentally burned his firewood pile when burning his big brush piles, Mark and Julie are in Duluth a mile from her parents, Mark is taking a medical terminology class online with plans to work as a unit coordinator at the hospital while pursuing his masters in hospital administration. Mark and Julie plan on having one more child. Jer is working at Home Depot now. Got a tour of Ken and Paulette's new house and it is very nice.

Saw a garage and house to move for sale on way home and called. The 26x28 garage to move was $4500. The house was $33,000 not counting how much it would cost to move it. Would like to get some shed out back but the local mover guy who I have talked to numerous times because he seems to have a monopoly in the area is way too high.  

Back: Tovin; Front: Matt, Jeremy, Isaac, Austin?