March 13, 2004

Tali had clinic in the morning since she was post-call today. She got home just in time for us to leave for Cold Spring to attend the visitation of Mr. Minnick who we had been visiting at the nursing home there. We were a bit late but very small gathering. Only family was a sister from SD. Some nursing home staff were there and a nun who spent some time with him. We visited a little and then left with all the others.

Naps at home and then we went to town. Jeremy had been doing studies all day and decided that he wanted to continue with studies instead of going into the mall with us. We brought the double stroller and spent almost 2 hours inside while Jeremy and Salsa stayed in the van in the parking lot. We had a really good time shopping at some clearance racks, getting some cinnamon bits that James would also get at the mall when we were younger and also a large pretzel. We visited the newly remodeled Scheels and they had a very Cabela like impressive display. Fun to look at all the animal mounts but may have been a bit intimidating for the little ones. Sure something to look at the size of the moose and think of all the tracks and droppings we see at the Lake of the Woods but haven't seen a moose yet. I guess we don't try very hard either.

After the mall we went back to the van and then planned on going to a place to eat. Jeremy only had a few math problems left when he stayed in the van 2 hours ago but he had decided he didn't want to eat either so hadn't touched them. So all of us except Jeremy ate at the China Buffet. Very nice selection and good food. It was fun to feed the little ones new foods like jello and other things to watch their reaction. Very nice evening.