March 12, 2004

Tali is on-call today. Tali doesn't feel I dress Jana pretty enough so she dressed her this morning and she does look cute. I made an appt. to get the Caravan's mirror put on again. We went to Walmart first and printed some pictures for 24 cents/pict. We then waited at McKay for about an hour while they fixed things. They had given a defective mirror last time so this will be a free fix. Kids and I waited in the waiting are which was not the cleanest but had lots of dirty toys. I brought snacks and they all enjoyed that.

We stopped at Traut Wells to get a water sample kit for our relicensing for foster care. Then we stopped at Walmart and picked up the pictures and home.

I called the Meyers next door and Fred said that they would be willing to come and watch the kids from 9-midnight if Tali got called in. This way I could go to midnight basketball while she was on-call. I carried the cell phone so if she did get called I would go home while she was coming in. She didn't get called tonight and we won both our games. We now have the best record in the league at 11 wins 2 losses. Playoffs start next week and then the championship game will be played at the Target Center after the Timberwolves game on Sunday April 4th. As long as our team keeps playing like they have been, we will be playing at the Target Center and I will coach from the side lines just like all the NBA coaches. Should be fun but Tali is on call that day so will have to figure something out.