March 11, 2004

Tali worked today. I made a cat appt. for our cats in the morning to get up to date on immunizations. Jeremy was helping to find them and get them together while I got Tovin and Jana ready. I was in the garage with him and he thought he would check the cat box imbedded in the hay bales. I stuck his hand in from the back and said he felt some fur through the crack. I knew it must be Smore who has been missing for a long time and we knew she was dead but hadn't found her yet. I told him that Blaze was not in there or she would have come out and to leave it alone. I went back inside and a minute later he came in the house crying because he disobeyed and found Smore dead in the box. Not the best way for him to find her. We were late so I consoled him some and also told him how he should have obeyed. The vet went fine and we got all the shots we needed. Cost $146.50. We have the most expensive free kittens. We need pet immunizations in order to do foster care.

I worked some on the adoption/foster care recertification papers that we need to do and other routine household things. I spent some time holding Jeremy and talking about Smore's passing and funeral arrangements. For the time being it is cold enough that I put her outside under the wheelbarrow. We talked and Jeremy cried some more but it will be okay I think.

Jeremy and I gave Tovin a breath mint like a certs today. I broke it in four pieces and one usually sucks on it. Tovin took it in and crunched it up. Jeremy and I laughed and Tovin laughed and enjoyed it very much. I took a cute quick time video of it as well.

The picture above is from the supper time clean-up, music going and everyone dancing around or cleaning.