March 10, 2004

Jana has been waking up at 4:00 still and now instead of nursing her we are just letting her sleep with us and she is content with that. Today was the last bottle of breast milk that Jana will ever get. Tali is no longer pumping during the day and this was the last frozen bottle we had.

Jeremy worked at studies while Tovin and Jana played with blankets. Tovin especially likes the red crocheted blanket that he can hide under but yet still see out of.

Jeremy had piano lessons in the morning. I had to run to the bank so let Jeremy go on his own. The teacher was very happy with him and he did very well so that was very encouraging to hear. We went to Cub afterwards and did some shopping. $20.

In the evening during supper dishes, Tali has been playing the CD with the "every step I take I take in you." Tovin and Jana both like it and dance away. Fun to watch.