March 09, 2004

Tali had work again this morning. She rolled out early and went for a run before leaving. I made these new waffles for breakfast called oatmeal waffles. Very good and instead of syrup I served strawberry or peach yogurt on top which the kids loved.

Jeremy had studies today and didn't want to do them. It was a beautiful day out so I took Tovin and Jana outside both in the morning for a little and then in the afternoon. For the first time I let Jana play on the ground and she got very dirty and tried more than once to eat a rock or other debris. Tovin ran around with his boots, as he says, and found all kinds of things to do and explore. I was glad he had boots when he was stomping some dog poop he found in the yard.

Jeremy decided not to go to gymnastics today by not getting his studies done. He finally did finish up towards evening and then went outside for a few minutes to shoot baskets with Sammy. I told him to come home when mom did but he did not. Consequence it no playing with Sammy this week. He had a tough day but I'm sure tomorrow will go better. We had one of my favorites tonight - deep fried fish, corn and potatoes. Tali and I slept in living room tonight since she was on-call and the pager would be going off occasionally.

Jana is really going up and down the stairs now. It is funny to watch her turn around and start crawling backwards a long way from the stairs and in the wrong direction. When she does find the stairs she is doing very well but still needs some supervision. She also said Mama quite clearly today but not very reproduceable yet.