March 06, 2004

Tali went for a run this morning. I took Veronica, Jeremy, and Tovin over across the road to the farm to see the cows. We visited in the morning. Jen's parents and sister stopped by for dinner and we visited with them some. We had a very nice dinner with sandwiches and all the fixings. Everyone left soon after that with us being the last. Salsa enjoyed staying at Jen and Davin's more that the hotel because of the yard and more sunshine today. No snow here at all but supposedly we will have some when we get back.

Tovin fell asleep immediately and slept about 2 hours. Jana took a little nap as well. We stopped and got some cheese curds for a fellow employee of Tali's. The road seemed to pass slowly so we stopped for a bathroom break at Burger King with a play area. Jana is now climbing stairs and she has learned how to come down as well. She would even climb the stairs of the play area and come down the slide on her belly without assistance. She drags her hands all the way down which is fun to watch. She is quite the go-get-er.

We got near the MN line and kids were all tense. We decided to stop at relatives but weren't able to get a hold of Joe or Matt Cranston so ended up stopping at Chris and Sarahs. The kids played and we got them ready for bed and gave them snacks and nursed. We then headed home expecting them to sleep. Jeremy was squeezed between them and didn't want them to nap or wanted to sit in the front. We wouldn't let him up and he kept the little ones from sleeping. All three were crying at one time but we made it home. That was the worst road trip I think we have ever had. It is good to be home.