March 05, 2004

 Today Tali breaks the way for us and turns 30. A new era in our lives. We couldn't do the regular party stuff since we were away but I tried to be extra nice today. We started out in the morning at the Hotel and did some more swimming at the lazy river. We also did some more water slides that we found were the largest at 5 stories high. It was enjoyable time but I think we have done enough swimming for a while. We headed back to room and got things packed up while we ate some early lunch from the cooler. We checked out at 11:00 and packed the vehicle. Chris and Sarah were going to stay the afternoon and do more swimming, Tali's parents were going shopping I think and we headed straight for Jen and Davin's place to relax and get the kids naps.

Jen was the only one home and we all settled down and took it easy. People started to arrive later in afternoon and we had a good time visiting. Jen served tacos for supper and then we had a browny cake and ice cream afterwards. I was very tired and fell asleep putting Tovin down. Jana went down easy as well and Jeremy also fell asleep nicely. No trouble being tired these last couple days.

Tali seems to be doing fine and no big deal with turning 30. She is a wonderful wife and mother and I am very blessed to be in such a life long relationship with such a dynamic individual.  

Tovin, Jana, Jason, Tali, and Jeremy