March 04, 2004

All slept good last night. Jana was on the pull-out couch, Tovin on the floor on a bed made from couch cushions and blankets, Jeremy had a queen bed to himself and Tali and I slept in the middle bed. Jana woke once as usually for early morning feeding and then back to bed. We brought our fan for white noise.

I went out and walked Salsa. I think she is doing okay in the van. It is in the mid 30's I think for temps and we brought her dog bed from home for in the van. She is comfortable but probably a little anxious and scared with strange noises around her. The resort hotel is definitely not welcome to pets so we had to walk a ways to find some grass or sod for her to void.

More water. We started in the other water park with the lazy river ride. We got on tubes and floated around a slow river current with some water dripping in places and occasional mild rapids. Tali and kids, Chris and Sarh with Veronica continued while I took Jana back for a nap. I read while she slept which was enjoyable.

When Tali and the boys came back she woke after about a 45 minute so that was okay. We then went to the dry ball playhouse thing. Very fun with hard foam balls that are shot by air guns, cannons, tubes, all kinds of air powered things. Very fun with tunnels, slides, fun house style things everywhere.

We had dinner with Chris and Sarah. Sarah had brought hot dogs and we provided some potato salad from Sams along with other stuff that made for a nice dinner. Afterwards Tovin needed a serious nap so I took Jana and Jeremy to the ball area. I guess this was our first time. We must have done more swimming before dinner. Anyway, Jana and Jeremy enjoyed greatly.

We returned and Tali put Jana down for a nap while Jeremy and I headed for the Wild West waterpark. We hit it hard and went steady water slides, water play house for about an hour. We had fun squirting people and racing down the slides. No lines at all which was great because we just would keep going. Tali and Jeremy went in the wave pool yesterday and had fun with that. I went in it last night with Tali some but wasn't too impressed. I like Lake MI waves much better - cooler, bigger and deeper water and waves. Sand is also better than concrete when coming down from a big wave.

We did more and more swimming until we were just about tired of it. Chris, Sarah, Bruce and Huldy went out for supper and we ate the ziplock hotdish leftovers from home and other things. Veronica stayed with us and they all played lively but nicely. Room was a super pit however.

Bedtime was good and all kids and parents will sleep hard tonight. I went out to walk Salsa and we were getting big slush flakes. It was raining earlier and is just turning to snow. It is all brown here but maybe will be white by morning.