March 03, 2004

 We did some packing last night but still had more to do this morning along with other things that need or we would like done before we take off for a few days. It is such a stressful thing to pack and keep the kids happy while doing it. We are also taking Salsa so needed to get her bathed and all packed as well. The van is all cleaned up nice and hopefully tuned up for the road. We took out the middle seat so we can sit, recline, eat or just have more moving around space in the back.

We finally got left at 11:30. Chris and Sarah had left earlier and Tali's parents had also passed by without stopping. We think we remembered everything and Tali was able to go out for a run before we left as well. Tali and I were tense with each other but made up on the road.

I started driving but we switched on the fly so I could feed the kids in the back. We had packed very well and had turkey, grape, pasta salad in ziplocks in the cooler. We also had hard boiled eggs, gallon of milk, yogurt, raisens, and frozen hotdish in ziplocks keeping the cooler cold. I fed the little ones into WI and then Tali and I switched back. She went back and nursed Jana and we kept moving. Jeremy had to use a bathroom and we fueled at the same time but very quick pay at pump. We arrived in just over 4 hours. Not bad and we kept pretty close to the speed limit as well. Jeremy helped pass time by asking all the trucks to honk - majority did.

We got settled in to a very spacious room with two queens and a sleeper sofa. Rooms also have microwave and fridge. We only paid $99/night but normally in summer rooms go for $250/night. Out of season and during the middle of the week helps. Sure is nice to homeschool. We hit the water parks hard. They have three water parks, huge arcade, fitness stuff, laser tag, dodge-em dry play area with balls a few stories high.

Jeremy and I did the water slides which went outside but were all enclosed and dark. Made us kind of dizzy but it was an experience. They also had tubes we could ride in some of the water slides which were the best. We could go double or single. Tovin and Jana had shallow water in this huge water play house. In the shallows Jana would sit in bouncy swing while Tovin enjoyed all the toys and water shooting things. It was very loud and took a while to get used to all the air water guns, buckets, spray toys, hoses, etc.

Bruce brought a crockpot full of rice and chicken for supper and then we swam some more. The kids went down easy and were Exhausted! Tali's dad sat in our room and read while Tali and I went down and played in the water together. They also have hot tubs that start indoors but go outdoors as well. All very huge. Lots of swimming and we were tired. We will all sleep good tonight.