March 02, 2004

This morning we went to Walmart to get some pictures of the kids. Jeremy didn't want to go because he had a blue stain on his chin from the ink in a new shirt. The ink would have gone away but it was there in combination with Jeremy wrenching on his chin which caused a black and blue mark that would not go away quickly. We did not acknowledge to him that we knew his bruise was self inflicted to avoid giving him attention for the action.

Jeremy warmed up to the lady and the camera and gave us some good pictures of all three and each individual as well. In the afternoon, Ellen from social services adoption came to visit for an adoption study for Jana's finalization. She was here from 2:00 until after 3:00 maybe even 4:00.

Jeremy was working hard today trying to earn enough money to pay off his debt for stealing so that he could go swimming at the WI Dells. He did a good job and showed that he wanted to earn it. Tali and I did not check the money until the end so that we would not be biased in giving him higher paying jobs. We wanted to allow him to fail if he chose.

After supper we counted it all up and it was a tense moment but he did end up making it with about $7 extra. We were all happy that he had made it and will be able to swim. The picture above is us counting it all up.