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March 31, 2004Another nice day. Jeremy and Sammy played some on the swing set. Jana was outside crawling around and must have slipped and cut under her eye on some sharp grass or stick. She didn't cry much but it looked bad. We put some antibiotic sauve on it and called social services just to let them know what happened. They said we didn't need to report anything unless it required medical intervention.  


March 30, 2004Beautiful spring day. We finally got around to bury Jeremy's cat Smore. We chose a spot off our property along the interstate 94 fence by a tree. It was nice to have that taken care of and out of the way. Jeremy later went out and placed a marker on the site.

We picked some pussy willows on the way back in. Jeremy went out later and got a bunch more. He made a very nice bouquet on the table out of them.

Tali got home a bit early and we decided to give Jana a little trim in front as it was getting in her eyes too much. So today she got her first haircut! She didn't fuss at all and seems to enjoy having it out of her eyes.  


March 29, 2004Nice day out. We had a nice ringneck pheasant in our garden again this morning. I think they are attracted to the standing corn stalks and chicken garbage that we throw. I tried to get a better picture and should have but he flew on me before I could get it.


March 28, 2004We went to the early service at church and then headed over to my parent's place. They were at church when we got there as we had expected but had planned to eat with Steve and Kizzy. We brought some stuff and they had some stuff and we grilled venison burgers which were very good. I hardly ever get grilled burgers so it was a real treat.

We went up to my parents in the early afternoon and they still weren't home yet so we decided to head up to Chris and Carey's party for Matt. Lot of people there and it was good seeing everyone. My parents finally showed up around 2:30 or 3:00 when we were getting ready to head back home. They have lots going on in the church now but was disappointing that we weren't able to see them more and visit. We could have hung around longer but I was ready to go and it was nice getting back and having a little of our Sunday to relax at home.  


March 27, 2004Another nice day. We went to town and got some things and worked on making the office more suited to the way we want it. I installed another bookshelf and we got the desktop in. Jeremy and Tovin helped me make supper tonight in the above picture. They are working on the fried chicken with corn flake breading.  


March 26, 2004Beautiful day outside. Tali took little ones out around the back yard to look at the plants warming up and getting ready for spring. They all sure enjoy being outside as do I. Jana rode in the old stroller and Tovin runs all over the property. Nice we have fences on the back to keep him from going to far.  


March 25, 2004Jeremy, Tovin and Jana were busy all day running around the house and learning.  


March 24, 2004Tali got up early and went for a run again. She also made some muffins with jelly inside for breakfast.

Jeremy had his piano lesson today and that went good. We did some shopping afterwards. I returned the missions bulletin board to the church and will try and arrange to meet John R. on Friday to hang it up.

It was up to 70 on the thermometer outside so I figured we better get rid of the dead cat before it gets too warm. So while Tovin and Jana slept. Jeremy and I had a funeral for Smore. I figured since the ground was probably still to hard to dig in, that we would burn the cat in the back. I used lots of gas along with other fuel but just couldn't get it to burn completely. I kept throwing more gas on but it would just burn and then catch the grass on fire. Jeremy wanted me to keep going with more gas but it was obvious that the gas was the only thing burning. So I dumped the water on it and left the charred cat lay until we could bury it another time. Should have ju…


March 23, 2004Tali is enjoying the new work clothes that we got for her. Has been getting lots of complements at work as well.

We went into town to run some errands and stopped by the church to take down the bulletin board. We also got the necessary supplies at Home Depot so were ready to do that. During nap time I got some of it assembled and then stayed up until after 2:00 AM finishing it. I hate staying up so late but do very much enjoy being able to work on something steady until it is done without a thousand interruptions.

Tovin cut the back of his heel yesterday on something in our bedroom that bled really good. Just having him wear a sock with a band-aid until it heals up more.

Realtors were out yesterday and now put up a sign to sell the lot next to us. We knew it was going to happen sometime. I called on it telling Jeremy that if it was under $25,000 maybe we will buy it. $54,900 is what they are asking for the lot. I would be surprised if they sell it for that. I guess we may h…


March 22, 2004Saw the first Robin today. Jeremy reported seeing one a few days ago but I'm not sure how well his bird identification is yet so we will count this as the first.

Jana took 7 steps today on her own.

Thought we had gymnastics tonight but St. Cloud schools are on spring break so no classes.  


March 21, 2004Tali was on-call today so had to go in early to the hospital for rounds. I took the kids to church for the early 8:15 service. We were only about 30 minutes late this Sunday so we are getting better. Enjoyable service and glad we came even though it is very difficult alone.

Took it easy in afternoon. I was very tired so decided to take an afternoon nap on couch in the sun. Tovin thought that looked pretty good and crawled up next to me and fell asleep as well.  


March 20, 2004Nice day today. We were all home so that was nice. Lots of lady bugs or Asian beetles crawling around the windows. First day of Spring today and Joe Patzoldt's birthday today.  


March 19, 2004Tali was up and out for some exercise this morning. Jana woke up a little after 6:00 and wanted to stay up. I made some cards for family who have special days this weekend. Jeremy was working on a card and some other art projects while I did this. Tovin played with crayons and art stuff as well. Jana was playing and then I gave them a snack. She ate her snack while I continued to work and clean up when she fell asleep. She just rested her head on her hand and out she went. She was very cute and was sleeping soundly so I let her sleep in the highchair after taking lots of pictures. She woke up when it was time to go to town. I think she is listening in her subconscious and knew it was time to go.

We went to the auto parts store and got a new head light for the Subaru and looked at batteries since the Subaru and been dead a few mornings. Then we went to the post office and Jeremy mailed the letters. Finally to the church where I had to drop off a prayer update to Anita and …


March 18, 2004Went to bed last night with a brown landscape and woke up to about 1-2 inches of wet snow. We had planned to go to the Children's Museum in the cities today with Sarah and Veronica. Veronica was given a choice of who she wanted to invite and she chose us to go. They had a free pass so it saved us $8/person. We got left about 8:15 from our house and roads were wet but fine but we got to the cities and very congested. I tried taking a short cut and got lost. Finally made it to Sarah's house at 10:00. I had the cell phone so called and they were waiting when we pulled in the drive. We headed straight there and started playing.

Lots of kids from schools and they were doing field trips and day care kids. Lots of places to explore and play, tunnels, water exploration, educational fun. We didn't take a snack break so by 11:30 the kids were hungry. Jeremy had to bring along some leftovers he didn't want to eat and he ate very little here as well. After lunch we pl…


March 17, 2004Tali was up early and on the run. Had about an inch or two of very wet slick snow this morning that started last night. Tali took the dog for a walk and then rode the exercise bike downstairs. I didn't sleep so well and Jana wanted to get up at 6:30. I pulled her into the bed and tried to encourage her to sleep until 7:00 but it didn't work. I have a little cold giving me a sore throat from post nasal drip. I think Jana and Tovin may have something as well but nothing too bad.

Jeremy had piano lesson this morning. I dropped him off and then went to the Plaza to get my wallet from Tali's car. Jeremy did very well in his lesson again so that was good. I stopped by bank and started Tovin a savings account since they had a special where they put the first $10 in. So he has $10 in his account. Hope to start Jana one as well as soon as she gets a SSN.

After picking up Jeremy we went to Sams and spent $98 and then to Cub and almost spent $30 there. Finally home. The s…


March 16, 2004Tali had an easier day today since the match was taking place and she had to be available in case they had to scramble. The residency faculty were very happy that they did not have to scramble for residents and went out to celebrate at O'haras restaurant.

Jeremy did very good with his studies today and finished in time to go outside and play a lot during the afternoon. He had gymnastics at 4:15 and didn't want to go because he doesn't like the new class that he is in. After talking to Tali on the phone I took him anyway. He liked it after he was done but he does need to move to a different class as the one he is in is very slow moving.

I made a venison roast with potatoes, carrots and onions in the crockpot so it was ready to eat when we got home. Many Canadian geese in the corn fields which was fun to see. The even more exciting thing was when I got home I got out of the van to check if I was in the garage far enough. I heard a goose like honking but more musi…


March 15, 2004I didn't sleep well last night. Tovin woke at 1:00 so I went in and pulled him on to the bed and went back to sleep with him until I got restless around 4:00. I decided to put Tovin back in his crib and return to our bed. I could not sleep but had a very active dreaming dream about buying the 75 acres that Ken and Paulette have for sale. If I would buy it I would ask for the full 80 with shop. I would clean that shop area so it looked like a golf resort. I would but red steel siding on shop with steel roof like Runky's old barn. I would consider insulating inside and definitely clean it up. Maybe a poured concrete slab with heated floor and grates in floor to drain melted snow - more windows on East side and better lighting. With all this would come monthly or yearly rent by Venhuizen Bros. Something very modest but enough to make it an investment for myself. The side barn I might want for myself for cattle. I would neatly and tightly fence all the pasture but no…


March 14, 2004We tried to get up and going to the early service but we didn't do so well. We were about a half hour late but we still caught the singing and sermon which was very good related to not giving up on prayer. After church we went to ShopKo for some things on our way out of town. After stopping for gas in Foley we ended up getting to my parents place around 11:30 or after. Tali and I had a very nice talk during the drive so that was enjoyable.

We had a very nice meal and short visit with my family before heading to Mora. We got 12 more pounds of venison before we left. I rode with my parents into town and had a nice visit with them. Lot of people at Ken and Paulette's house to visit and see Mark, Julie and their new baby Holland Jean. Jeremy had a blast playing with the cousins and Tovin enjoyed the little dogs but gave them way to many crackers. Jana was kind of tired and Tali and I visited some. It was nice to see so many relatives at one time but never really get t…


March 13, 2004Tali had clinic in the morning since she was post-call today. She got home just in time for us to leave for Cold Spring to attend the visitation of Mr. Minnick who we had been visiting at the nursing home there. We were a bit late but very small gathering. Only family was a sister from SD. Some nursing home staff were there and a nun who spent some time with him. We visited a little and then left with all the others.

Naps at home and then we went to town. Jeremy had been doing studies all day and decided that he wanted to continue with studies instead of going into the mall with us. We brought the double stroller and spent almost 2 hours inside while Jeremy and Salsa stayed in the van in the parking lot. We had a really good time shopping at some clearance racks, getting some cinnamon bits that James would also get at the mall when we were younger and also a large pretzel. We visited the newly remodeled Scheels and they had a very Cabela like impressive display. Fun to lo…


March 12, 2004Tali is on-call today. Tali doesn't feel I dress Jana pretty enough so she dressed her this morning and she does look cute. I made an appt. to get the Caravan's mirror put on again. We went to Walmart first and printed some pictures for 24 cents/pict. We then waited at McKay for about an hour while they fixed things. They had given a defective mirror last time so this will be a free fix. Kids and I waited in the waiting are which was not the cleanest but had lots of dirty toys. I brought snacks and they all enjoyed that.

We stopped at Traut Wells to get a water sample kit for our relicensing for foster care. Then we stopped at Walmart and picked up the pictures and home.

I called the Meyers next door and Fred said that they would be willing to come and watch the kids from 9-midnight if Tali got called in. This way I could go to midnight basketball while she was on-call. I carried the cell phone so if she did get called I would go home while she was coming in. She d…


March 11, 2004Tali worked today. I made a cat appt. for our cats in the morning to get up to date on immunizations. Jeremy was helping to find them and get them together while I got Tovin and Jana ready. I was in the garage with him and he thought he would check the cat box imbedded in the hay bales. I stuck his hand in from the back and said he felt some fur through the crack. I knew it must be Smore who has been missing for a long time and we knew she was dead but hadn't found her yet. I told him that Blaze was not in there or she would have come out and to leave it alone. I went back inside and a minute later he came in the house crying because he disobeyed and found Smore dead in the box. Not the best way for him to find her. We were late so I consoled him some and also told him how he should have obeyed. The vet went fine and we got all the shots we needed. Cost $146.50. We have the most expensive free kittens. We need pet immunizations in order to do foster care.

I worked som…


March 10, 2004Jana has been waking up at 4:00 still and now instead of nursing her we are just letting her sleep with us and she is content with that. Today was the last bottle of breast milk that Jana will ever get. Tali is no longer pumping during the day and this was the last frozen bottle we had.

Jeremy worked at studies while Tovin and Jana played with blankets. Tovin especially likes the red crocheted blanket that he can hide under but yet still see out of.

Jeremy had piano lessons in the morning. I had to run to the bank so let Jeremy go on his own. The teacher was very happy with him and he did very well so that was very encouraging to hear. We went to Cub afterwards and did some shopping. $20.

In the evening during supper dishes, Tali has been playing the CD with the "every step I take I take in you." Tovin and Jana both like it and dance away. Fun to watch.  


March 09, 2004Tali had work again this morning. She rolled out early and went for a run before leaving. I made these new waffles for breakfast called oatmeal waffles. Very good and instead of syrup I served strawberry or peach yogurt on top which the kids loved.

Jeremy had studies today and didn't want to do them. It was a beautiful day out so I took Tovin and Jana outside both in the morning for a little and then in the afternoon. For the first time I let Jana play on the ground and she got very dirty and tried more than once to eat a rock or other debris. Tovin ran around with his boots, as he says, and found all kinds of things to do and explore. I was glad he had boots when he was stomping some dog poop he found in the yard.

Jeremy decided not to go to gymnastics today by not getting his studies done. He finally did finish up towards evening and then went outside for a few minutes to shoot baskets with Sammy. I told him to come home when mom did but he did not. Consequence it no…


March 08, 2004Back to it. I used a picture above from the lazy river at Wilderness waterpark since I didn't take any today. Tali went to work and we went back to routine. Lots of laundry and cleaning to do from the trip. We did go to town to mail some letters, recharge extinguisher, and get some milk and other things at Sams. Very slushy out and we got some snow this morning. Doesn't look like it will last long. Was going to get pew but is was so slushy that we decided not to.

Afternoon I got some things done but still very tired. Took mini nap with Tovin after he had partially woken up. Jeremy had to go to bed at 5:45 due to a choice he made yesterday to do so. It was a slow evening and went to bed as soon as possible.  


March 07, 2004We celebrated Tali's birthday at home today. Jeremy and I decorated things some and I wrapped a gift I had gotten her before we left. She wanted some sheet music so I got her Music Box Dancer and a book with Chariots of Fire.

We went to church and we bought one of the pews that they are selling. It is about 8 feet of oak for $150. We will be getting chairs for the church tomorrow. Not sure when we will pick the pew up.

Took it very easy in afternoon and I slept with the little ones. Ate mostly leftovers all day.  


March 06, 2004Tali went for a run this morning. I took Veronica, Jeremy, and Tovin over across the road to the farm to see the cows. We visited in the morning. Jen's parents and sister stopped by for dinner and we visited with them some. We had a very nice dinner with sandwiches and all the fixings. Everyone left soon after that with us being the last. Salsa enjoyed staying at Jen and Davin's more that the hotel because of the yard and more sunshine today. No snow here at all but supposedly we will have some when we get back.

Tovin fell asleep immediately and slept about 2 hours. Jana took a little nap as well. We stopped and got some cheese curds for a fellow employee of Tali's. The road seemed to pass slowly so we stopped for a bathroom break at Burger King with a play area. Jana is now climbing stairs and she has learned how to come down as well. She would even climb the stairs of the play area and come down the slide on her belly without assistance. She drags her hands …


March 05, 2004 Today Tali breaks the way for us and turns 30. A new era in our lives. We couldn't do the regular party stuff since we were away but I tried to be extra nice today. We started out in the morning at the Hotel and did some more swimming at the lazy river. We also did some more water slides that we found were the largest at 5 stories high. It was enjoyable time but I think we have done enough swimming for a while. We headed back to room and got things packed up while we ate some early lunch from the cooler. We checked out at 11:00 and packed the vehicle. Chris and Sarah were going to stay the afternoon and do more swimming, Tali's parents were going shopping I think and we headed straight for Jen and Davin's place to relax and get the kids naps.

Jen was the only one home and we all settled down and took it easy. People started to arrive later in afternoon and we had a good time visiting. Jen served tacos for supper and then we had a browny cake and ice cream aft…


March 04, 2004All slept good last night. Jana was on the pull-out couch, Tovin on the floor on a bed made from couch cushions and blankets, Jeremy had a queen bed to himself and Tali and I slept in the middle bed. Jana woke once as usually for early morning feeding and then back to bed. We brought our fan for white noise.

I went out and walked Salsa. I think she is doing okay in the van. It is in the mid 30's I think for temps and we brought her dog bed from home for in the van. She is comfortable but probably a little anxious and scared with strange noises around her. The resort hotel is definitely not welcome to pets so we had to walk a ways to find some grass or sod for her to void.

More water. We started in the other water park with the lazy river ride. We got on tubes and floated around a slow river current with some water dripping in places and occasional mild rapids. Tali and kids, Chris and Sarh with Veronica continued while I took Jana back for a nap. I read while she slept…


March 03, 2004 We did some packing last night but still had more to do this morning along with other things that need or we would like done before we take off for a few days. It is such a stressful thing to pack and keep the kids happy while doing it. We are also taking Salsa so needed to get her bathed and all packed as well. The van is all cleaned up nice and hopefully tuned up for the road. We took out the middle seat so we can sit, recline, eat or just have more moving around space in the back.

We finally got left at 11:30. Chris and Sarah had left earlier and Tali's parents had also passed by without stopping. We think we remembered everything and Tali was able to go out for a run before we left as well. Tali and I were tense with each other but made up on the road.

I started driving but we switched on the fly so I could feed the kids in the back. We had packed very well and had turkey, grape, pasta salad in ziplocks in the cooler. We also had hard boiled eggs, gallon of milk, …


March 02, 2004This morning we went to Walmart to get some pictures of the kids. Jeremy didn't want to go because he had a blue stain on his chin from the ink in a new shirt. The ink would have gone away but it was there in combination with Jeremy wrenching on his chin which caused a black and blue mark that would not go away quickly. We did not acknowledge to him that we knew his bruise was self inflicted to avoid giving him attention for the action.

Jeremy warmed up to the lady and the camera and gave us some good pictures of all three and each individual as well. In the afternoon, Ellen from social services adoption came to visit for an adoption study for Jana's finalization. She was here from 2:00 until after 3:00 maybe even 4:00.

Jeremy was working hard today trying to earn enough money to pay off his debt for stealing so that he could go swimming at the WI Dells. He did a good job and showed that he wanted to earn it. Tali and I did not check the money until the end so that…


March 01, 2004


April 01, 2004April Fool's Day today. I got Jeremy in getting him to get out of bed to look at a supposedly super large bird in the tree. He jumped up to my declaration of the day and was not happy with it. Oh well. Tali talked to him and then he wanted to play later but I never let him get me this year. I remember my mom would always get us with the bear in the back one.

Tali is still nursing both babies. It is getting less frequent but still morning and night with Jana and Tovin just some at night.