February 28, 2004

Tali is now on vacation for 10 days - it will be so nice to have her home. I heard on the radio that there was a garage sale at Salem Lutheran Church so we went to that. Got some stuff including the hats that Jeremy and I have on in the picture above. Old fashioned, nice hats with ear flaps that fold down. Jeremy had to stay in the fan and get his studies done but Tovin and Jana came in and Tovin had fun trying on sunglasses so we bought a couple pair of those one for Tovin and one for Jeremy.

We next went to Walmart to get a new car seat for Jana. They didn't have any rear facing ones so we bought a forward facing on and will have Tovin use it while Jana uses his which is rear facing as well.

Finally we stopped at Sams and all went in to get some stuff. Nice having Tali along but tough for me to get used to since I already have some pretty established ways I like to do things.

Naps in the afternoon and then I worked downstairs on the suspended ceiling and finished that off for the most part. Still have some fine tuning to do but it is almost there. Jeremy helped some and did other jobs around the house as he is trying to pay off the $60 he owes before the WI Dells trip.