February 27, 2004

We went to visit Ruth today in Sauk Rapids Good Shepherd. I called in advance and she was in good spirits. She always wants to give us something and really tried to give us this very delicate blue glass angel but I politely as possible refused saying that the little ones might break it and we will enjoy it when we come to visit.

Jeremy played some piano songs for her and we stayed a little over a half hour. On the way home we stopped by the bread store and I thankfully happened to have a $5 bill in my wallet so we got 6 loaves. At home Tovin wanted to build a blanket fort again and takes the small chairs from his room and blankets to do so on his own. Jeremy was reading about the Everglades in his social book and was pronoucing it Ever Glads. It gave me a laugh and a smile when used in the context of what he was reading.

In the evening after all the kids were in bed I left for Hoop Time midnight basketball. The abstinence education team talked before we started play and the kids really were tough to talk with for that. The games went really good and we won both. I stayed less competitive even though the other team was playing an ineligible player. It is not about the winning even though we now are tied with the best record of the league. I helped as referee for two games as well and it was an okay night.