February 26, 2004

We stayed home today. Jana took two naps today. She has usually only been taking a little one or none in the morning and then a bigger 2 hour one in the afternoon at the same time Tovin takes his. I sent out some birthday cards to Joyce, Josh and Buzz. I told Joyce about our May 7-9 visit to Kansas City and hopefully we will be able to see them some.

During afternoon naps, Jeremy and I went outside and he was to clean the garage. I had him also pick up dog poop into a bucket and take out the chicken garbage. Tovin and Jana woke up and I took them outside for a little while. With the warmer weather it has been nice to get out.

We had fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and cub corn tonight with our applesauce for dessert. Tali made the kids a play fort out of blankets. They really enjoyed playing in it.