February 25, 2004

Tali got me out of bed and I was able to go for another 2 mile run in the morning. I was a little sore from running yesterday but it is good to get out. I thought it might help me have more energy but I'm still tired. Maybe it will take a while.

Jeremy had piano lesson this morning. I had to run a check to a homeschool lady so that she will include us in the order for Iowa Basic standard tests for Jeremy this spring. We were a little late for piano but the lesson went good. We then went to Cub Foods and did some shopping. I bought a peach and then returned it to the manager who thankfully happened to be the person checking us out. She was good about it but Jeremy doesn't have to do much except say he is sorry and then later pay us for the $.68 cent peach. Oh well. His behavior seemed to improve after taking care of that like it is now taken care of and confrontations and confessions are done.

Naps in the afternoon. Jeremy is still doing studies and chores around the house trying to earn enough money to pay off the watch he stole. We had Vietamese fried rice for supper.