February 23, 2004

Tali had Neprhology rotation starting today. The rest of us went for a ride in the morning. We first went to the bank and deposited $8 into Jeremy's savings. Then to the post office to mail back a book that we didn't want. I also got a bunch of fun stamps. Next we went to the Place of Hope mission and donated a bunch of coats and some of Jeremy's old shoes. After that, we went across town to Fleet Farm where they checked the lug nuts on our tires after putting new ones on a while back. I could have done it but it always is nice to have help and it was free. Finally, traveled South on 23 to Cold Spring to visit Mr. Minnick. He was in a better mood but his mind wasn't very good today. We brought him a calendar for his wall. Jeremy started to read him the verse about Fearing the Lord and he interrupted and said he didn't fear anybody. We talked some but it didn't go very far. Anyway.

Nice day outside with lots of snow melting. Jeremy was sitting on his work and not getting things done so I told him if he wasn't done by gymnastics then he wasn't going and was done for good. I helped him get motivated a bit and he did make it which helped him feel better. He gets so overwhelmed so easy.

Slushy roads had the Subaru fish tailing which was fun but a little unexpected. Gym went good and he will move to the next level and an earlier time next week.

Tali had fun playing with little ones at home and was ready for bed early. She has been very good about continuing to get up early and exercising instead of going to work like she has been for the last family medicine rotation.