February 21, 2004

Not much going on today. We were all home so that was nice.

In the morning we all went to town because I needed to meet with Jim W. to do some final things to the bulletin board. Jim will be speaking tomorrow about his medical missions trip to Guatemala and had some pictures to put up. Tali took the kids to visit Ruth in the nursing home. I guess she was drowsy from napping so wasn't the best visit. We then returned home.

Jeremy had things to do and wasn't wanting to do them so spend most of the day sitting. We have set up jobs for him to do so that he can make some money to pay for the $60 watch. He has been doing dishes and other cleaning jobs. In the evening I helped him clean the kitchen floor. He hand scrubbed it and it was very dirty. He also vacuumed upstairs and down and cleaned the entry way.