February 20, 2004

Tali was post-call today. I took the kids and met John R. at the church at 8:30 to finish the bulletin board for this weeks Mission Sunday. I got some toys from the play area and set them up for Jana and Tovin. Jeremy was busy working on some math sheets and writing the paper I had for him another time. I will have him write it at least 4 times, maybe once a day.

We got about an inch of wet snow last night making the roads very slick. I brought along a bucket of tools so had everything I needed. It took all morning but I was happy with the look. The only thing was the cheaper board that I bought wasn't very good at holding push pins so we had to use staples. Oh well. Can always change it. I brought some snacks for the kids except Jeremy had to finish his writing before snack. He goofed off and was not being obedient. While I wasn't watching he had Tovin bring him the carton of Goldfish and he ate them all. I was not impressed and reminded him that he just took something that was not his - again. That was stealing again. It is a habit that he needs to overcome.

We got home afternoon and I got the kids fed. Jeremy continued to work or rather sit and look at his assignment. Tali got home and no one felt good and neither of us knew how to really deal with the stealing problem.

I had Hoop Time tonight and took the watch back. I was going to have Paige announce but he forgot. I later approached Evan and asked if he had lost a watch and it turned out he did and it was his. It was a very important watch of his that cost him $60. He was obviously heart broken when I gave it to him in pieces. I did tell him that we would pay the $60 and he could buy a new one or keep what he had. His mom is one of the coaches so I talked to her some as well. She has 17 kids under her roof and the majority are adopted so I was thankful it was her and she understood and refused payment. Jeremy will pay because it is the right thing and there has to be some consequence even for a 10 year old.