February 13, 2004

We went to visit Ruth Slaney today and had a nice time. We hadn't seen her in a while but wanted to bring her a Happy Valentine card. We also sent some out to Grandparents and others that Jeremy wanted to send to. Mark and Julie had a baby girl and named her Holland Jean.

Jeremy spent some more time outside playing in the snow as it was a beautiful sunny day. I took Jana and Tovin out for a little while and shoveled some more snow into a pile for Jeremy to make another fort. Tali got home in the afternoon post-call and look forward to having the weekend together. It was nice that she wasn't quite so tired today when she got home and were able to enjoy the afternoon off together.

I took Jeremy along with me tonight for Hoop time. It wasn't the best night as they had some Chrisitan Rappers from the cities. It was loud and Rap which was uncomfortable for me and probably way too much for Jeremy. Anyway, Jeremy seemed very uncomfortable the entire night. It is an experience with the many different races and lots of loud trash talk. He developed a little twitch in his face to deal with the stress I guess. He wasn't ready for such a big group of highschool kids and not having me giving all my attention to him. Oh well, we had to try it.