February 01, 2004

This cold weather is getting old. Today it was somewhat warmer but about 2 inches new snow. The tire needed air again and Tali had to go back early. I got the car warmed up and car seats transferred so she could take Tovin and Jana with her. Jeremy and I took the Caravan to church where we were assigned to set-up coffee and cookies this morning. I had never done it so had to follow directions which took too long.

We then got to the Holiday Inn about 8:30 and had just missed Tali leaving breakfast and going to her meetings. She had ordered me 3 super huge blueberry pancakes. They were the cheapest on the menu like we agreed but I was exhausted and not very hungry. Jana was ravenous and throwing stuff everywhere on one side and Tovin was on the other not eating a thing but wanting to grab everything and climb out. Jeremy was good. Sarah, Jen and Bruce all sat and watched the show. I was tired. Bruce took Tovin and Tali returned to take Jana. I sat alone with Jeremy but just wasn't that hungry. It cost $5 with tip since the kids were free.

We then went swimming. Jeremy chose not to go due to some disrespect and disobedience earlier. Tovin loves the water. Jana stayed back for a nap. Tali got off early and we played around some more before getting packed up and checking out. Everyone was heading down to cities to take a look at ice palace. We decided to stay home and relax which was a good idea. Jeremy spent some time playing in the new snow while Jana and Tovin rested. We were all quite tired.