February 04, 2004

Jana slept much better last night. She only woke up once and I was able to put her back to sleep rather easily. We finally woke her up in the morning so Tali could nurse her before she had to leave for the hospital. Very cold this morning. -30 on our thermometer. Jeremy had piano lesson and I would have called and canceled if I would have had a phone number but since we didn't, we went. It is tough on the old van to start it when it is so cold.

Jeremy did really well at the lesson, passing all his songs. He did some studies in afternoon. Jana and Tovin took naps and I worked downstairs on computer getting things done. It was a rather productive time.

Started to snow making roads bad around the rush hour. Tali stopped at a wreck and started to check people over until the paramedics came and took over. She was a little delayed but still made it by 6:15. We had a hybrid tator tot hotdish which was well received by all.

Tali and I reviewed the federal taxes after the kids were tucked into bed. We are using the computer program TurboTax basic this year and it really works slick. Tali went to bed after giving the okay and then I filed electronically. We should be getting our $3,581 federal tax refund in 10-16 days. It will all go to paying off credit card debt. Hopefully I can do the paper state tomorrow sometime and get it mailed.