February 03, 2004

Had a pretty good day getting things done around the house. Jana and Tovin took naps at the same time in the afternoon and I worked on the computer downstairs. Jeremy did some school work today but nothing that heavy.

Tali was able to get off work earlier than normal today so that I was able to go to a special Hoop Time meeting to draft teams. I had stayed up late last night working on which players I would select so was excited about the meeting. I was about a half hour late but they were eating pizza and pop so I hadn't missed much yet.

Fred wanted to be an assistant coach with me so that was nice and we got together to talk. The draft was fun and exciting as we all drew poker cards to see which number we would select. We got a good mix of players as did everyone else so it will be interesting how things go. I had my eye on one player who I recognized his name. Walter Lambrecht, 18 years old, 6'0 who plays highschool ball at Holdingford. I thought about it for a while and then it clicked - Walter Jack! I figured he was about 5 when I was 16 so that would work out that he is now 18 and I am 29. He dropped out of the draft since he is getting playing time on the highschool team but I will have to talk with him. Wow, he sure has grown up. The meeting lasted until about 7:30 and then I headed home.

I stayed up late again working on the mission/evangelism booklet that I am trying to complete. Got a lot done but still some to do.