February 02, 2004

Jana has been standing by leaning against the walls like this. We will give her credit for standing on her own. I think she could start to walk some but needs to build more confidence.

I didn't want to go out and about this morning but we really did need some new tires on the caravan. I called around and found that Fleet Farm was the cheapest and would work the best for the kids. We made an appointment for 10:30 and almost made it on time. Dropped it off and then took the double stroller, snacks, toys and water into Fleet to stroll around. The hour past quick but when we went over they had been trying to page me because they couldn't get a hub cap off easily without stripping it. I told them go ahead and they did. We waited for about 15 minutes before paying the $222.97. We got all 4 tires, 65,000 mile, white walls out, balanced, two valve stems, and kept two tires since they weren't really in bad need of replacement. Lot of money but it was a good deal considering.

Headed home and got kids fed and down for naps. Tried to get caught up on cleaning but it was tough. Tali made it home earlier than planned which was nice since Jeremy had gymnastics. I made chili but Jeremy and I had to run before. Jeremy did good in gym. He can do a full flip on the trampoline which is very impressive. He is also doing other things like his cart wheels much better. Hopefully he will be able to advance to the next level soon.

I stayed up late and went through the Hoop Time players for the draft coming up tomorrow. Hopefully, Jana will sleep better tonight. Lately she has been getting up at midnight and then up and down the rest of the night. We are going to try and make her stay in crib tonight and cry it out I guess. We'll see, we both have a hard time letting her cry much more than 2 minutes.