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February 29, 2004Tali wasn't feeling good and didn't sleep good through the night so she slept in. I got up and got the kids ready and we went to the early service at church so Tali could rest. They did okay but Jana got a little restless and we had to go in the back. Jeremy sat in the pew and drew pictures during the sermon but didn't cause a distraction for anyone else so that was good. There was a guy sitting in front of us with a life size doll. He was highschool age so I figured it was an assignment for school. During quiet prayer time the baby doll started to cry very loud which caused the kid to jump and then get up and take the doll out as if a real baby. I had to laugh a little. I talked with him after and it is a good experience for them. He has the doll for the weekend.

Afternoon we took it easy as we could. Tali played ring around the rosey with kids in evening and they all liked that.  


February 28, 2004Tali is now on vacation for 10 days - it will be so nice to have her home. I heard on the radio that there was a garage sale at Salem Lutheran Church so we went to that. Got some stuff including the hats that Jeremy and I have on in the picture above. Old fashioned, nice hats with ear flaps that fold down. Jeremy had to stay in the fan and get his studies done but Tovin and Jana came in and Tovin had fun trying on sunglasses so we bought a couple pair of those one for Tovin and one for Jeremy.

We next went to Walmart to get a new car seat for Jana. They didn't have any rear facing ones so we bought a forward facing on and will have Tovin use it while Jana uses his which is rear facing as well.

Finally we stopped at Sams and all went in to get some stuff. Nice having Tali along but tough for me to get used to since I already have some pretty established ways I like to do things.

Naps in the afternoon and then I worked downstairs on the suspended ceiling and finished t…


February 27, 2004We went to visit Ruth today in Sauk Rapids Good Shepherd. I called in advance and she was in good spirits. She always wants to give us something and really tried to give us this very delicate blue glass angel but I politely as possible refused saying that the little ones might break it and we will enjoy it when we come to visit.

Jeremy played some piano songs for her and we stayed a little over a half hour. On the way home we stopped by the bread store and I thankfully happened to have a $5 bill in my wallet so we got 6 loaves. At home Tovin wanted to build a blanket fort again and takes the small chairs from his room and blankets to do so on his own. Jeremy was reading about the Everglades in his social book and was pronoucing it Ever Glads. It gave me a laugh and a smile when used in the context of what he was reading.

In the evening after all the kids were in bed I left for Hoop Time midnight basketball. The abstinence education team talked before we started play and…


February 26, 2004We stayed home today. Jana took two naps today. She has usually only been taking a little one or none in the morning and then a bigger 2 hour one in the afternoon at the same time Tovin takes his. I sent out some birthday cards to Joyce, Josh and Buzz. I told Joyce about our May 7-9 visit to Kansas City and hopefully we will be able to see them some.

During afternoon naps, Jeremy and I went outside and he was to clean the garage. I had him also pick up dog poop into a bucket and take out the chicken garbage. Tovin and Jana woke up and I took them outside for a little while. With the warmer weather it has been nice to get out.

We had fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and cub corn tonight with our applesauce for dessert. Tali made the kids a play fort out of blankets. They really enjoyed playing in it.  


February 25, 2004Tali got me out of bed and I was able to go for another 2 mile run in the morning. I was a little sore from running yesterday but it is good to get out. I thought it might help me have more energy but I'm still tired. Maybe it will take a while.

Jeremy had piano lesson this morning. I had to run a check to a homeschool lady so that she will include us in the order for Iowa Basic standard tests for Jeremy this spring. We were a little late for piano but the lesson went good. We then went to Cub Foods and did some shopping. I bought a peach and then returned it to the manager who thankfully happened to be the person checking us out. She was good about it but Jeremy doesn't have to do much except say he is sorry and then later pay us for the $.68 cent peach. Oh well. His behavior seemed to improve after taking care of that like it is now taken care of and confrontations and confessions are done.

Naps in the afternoon. Jeremy is still doing studies and chores around…


February 24, 2004Tali rolled me out early this morning and gave me the option to go for a run. I was reluctant but made myself and enjoyed a slow 2 mile jog. Weather sure is beginning to feel like spring. Didn't really get much of a chance to enjoy this past winter but that is the way it goes I guess.

Today was the first day since June 2002 that Tali didn't take her breast pumping bag with her to work. So I will continue to feed Jana 5 ounces each day before her afternoon nap until it is gone and then go without during the day. Tali will continue to breast feed both babies until they give it up or when Jana is a year old. I don't think Tovin will ever give it up and verbally asks for "pap." He was pointing and grabbing at Tali but she taught him to stop that and verbally ask. His new big word or sentence is "I want some." It is fun.

Jeremy was working at stuff all day and continues to do dishes and other chores. I ran down to get the paper and then saw To…


February 23, 2004Tali had Neprhology rotation starting today. The rest of us went for a ride in the morning. We first went to the bank and deposited $8 into Jeremy's savings. Then to the post office to mail back a book that we didn't want. I also got a bunch of fun stamps. Next we went to the Place of Hope mission and donated a bunch of coats and some of Jeremy's old shoes. After that, we went across town to Fleet Farm where they checked the lug nuts on our tires after putting new ones on a while back. I could have done it but it always is nice to have help and it was free. Finally, traveled South on 23 to Cold Spring to visit Mr. Minnick. He was in a better mood but his mind wasn't very good today. We brought him a calendar for his wall. Jeremy started to read him the verse about Fearing the Lord and he interrupted and said he didn't fear anybody. We talked some but it didn't go very far. Anyway.

Nice day outside with lots of snow melting. Jeremy was sitting on…


February 22, 2004We all went to church together which was nice and we were on time. The kids all did good during the service with Jeremy sitting still, Jana napping and Tovin staying near and quiet for the most part. We were thinking of inviting someone over but I didn't really feel like it.

After dinner, I took a 2 hour nap with Jana on the bed. It felt good to get caught up some. We took the family picture after church.  


February 21, 2004Not much going on today. We were all home so that was nice.

In the morning we all went to town because I needed to meet with Jim W. to do some final things to the bulletin board. Jim will be speaking tomorrow about his medical missions trip to Guatemala and had some pictures to put up. Tali took the kids to visit Ruth in the nursing home. I guess she was drowsy from napping so wasn't the best visit. We then returned home.

Jeremy had things to do and wasn't wanting to do them so spend most of the day sitting. We have set up jobs for him to do so that he can make some money to pay for the $60 watch. He has been doing dishes and other cleaning jobs. In the evening I helped him clean the kitchen floor. He hand scrubbed it and it was very dirty. He also vacuumed upstairs and down and cleaned the entry way.  


February 20, 2004Tali was post-call today. I took the kids and met John R. at the church at 8:30 to finish the bulletin board for this weeks Mission Sunday. I got some toys from the play area and set them up for Jana and Tovin. Jeremy was busy working on some math sheets and writing the paper I had for him another time. I will have him write it at least 4 times, maybe once a day.

We got about an inch of wet snow last night making the roads very slick. I brought along a bucket of tools so had everything I needed. It took all morning but I was happy with the look. The only thing was the cheaper board that I bought wasn't very good at holding push pins so we had to use staples. Oh well. Can always change it. I brought some snacks for the kids except Jeremy had to finish his writing before snack. He goofed off and was not being obedient. While I wasn't watching he had Tovin bring him the carton of Goldfish and he ate them all. I was not impressed and reminded him that he just took …


February 19, 2004Have been working on the missons board for church in the garage. It is tough to get a block of time to work steady on the project so have been doing what I can. We had piano lessons today instead of Wednesday. We went to Walmart first because I needed to get some pictures printed of the missionaries our church support for the board. Jeremy stayed in the van because his behavior has not been the best today. After the lesson I stopped back to pick up the 5x7 prints and get some picture frames. Got some really nice black wood 8x10 matted for a 5x7. Should work perfect.

On the way home I found out the reason for Jeremy's unusual behavior. I heard a beeping noise while driving and asked what it was. Jeremy stayed it was nothing. I pulled over and demanded to know what it was. He finally showed me a watch that he had. It was like new and he had a string tied to it. Right away I thought he had taken it at Walmart. He denied it and finally confessed that he had stolen it f…


February 18, 2004Stayed at home today. Trying not to run the van as much during the week. Worked some more on the bulletin board in the garage. Jeremy did some studies and helped me with it some. He still is not really acting right and having difficulty doing studies and behaving normally. Not sure what is going on but maybe it is just a phase or the weather.

In the evening, Jana was getting tired so Tali gave her a ride in the dump truck. Then Tovin got the idea and was pushing her around. They both were having a lot of fun.  


February 17, 2004Went into Menards today to get some supplies for the bulletin board I'm making for the church Missions project. They have remodeled and now have an indoor lumber yard like Home Depot. We spend some good time there and got all that we needed. We had gone to Crafts Direct before bought some green burlap fabric and some dowels. At Menards I was able to slide the 4x8 sheet into the van over the seats. Really nice not to need a trailer and have to tie things down. I also got some more tiles to finish basement and more ceiling tiles to finish. Now I just need time to do it all.

Took naps in afternoon and Jeremy worked more on studies.  


February 16, 2004Had a long day at home. I was still running short of sleep from being up Friday night and then Valentine's Day Saturday. Jeremy didn't want to do his studies today so that always makes things tough. Tovin and Jana played around a lot and entertained themselves with books and other things.

Usually have gymnastics but Jeremy wasn't working towards going so we didn't go tonight.  


February 15, 2004Tali stayed home with Tovin from church today and I took Jana and Jeremy. We stopped at Coborns afterwards to get a few things. Matt and Sara Jean came up to visit from the cities in the afternoon. Hadn't seen them in years so it was a good visit and nice to get to know Matt a little. Took the rest of the evening easy.  


February 14, 2004We were all home today. I stopped at Coborns last night after midnight basketball and got Tali some flowers. Jeremy went along last night so let him sleep in some. Worked downstairs on finishing the tiles. Sure is looking good. Tali went to town and got some movies for us to watch tonight. Jana and Tovin were playing with the pictured toy and Jana was learning to walk behind it. Tovin sat with her and helped her along.

Tali and I watched Hope Floats with Sandra Bullock. It was okay.  


February 13, 2004We went to visit Ruth Slaney today and had a nice time. We hadn't seen her in a while but wanted to bring her a Happy Valentine card. We also sent some out to Grandparents and others that Jeremy wanted to send to. Mark and Julie had a baby girl and named her Holland Jean.

Jeremy spent some more time outside playing in the snow as it was a beautiful sunny day. I took Jana and Tovin out for a little while and shoveled some more snow into a pile for Jeremy to make another fort. Tali got home in the afternoon post-call and look forward to having the weekend together. It was nice that she wasn't quite so tired today when she got home and were able to enjoy the afternoon off together.

I took Jeremy along with me tonight for Hoop time. It wasn't the best night as they had some Chrisitan Rappers from the cities. It was loud and Rap which was uncomfortable for me and probably way too much for Jeremy. Anyway, Jeremy seemed very uncomfortable the entire night. It is an…


February 12, 2004Tali was on-call again tonight. Jeremy did some studies today but has not been working very hard lately. Not sure what is wrong but maybe just the winter time blues. We went to the hospital for supper with Tali.  


February 11, 2004Jeremy had his piano lessons today. Kristen Mattick has a separate room in the house that Tovin and Jana like to play. She also has some drum sticks and homemade drums for them to play with. Jeremy had an okay lesson and is doing very good in advancing in his piano skills.

At home, Jeremy went out and played in the snow pile I made for him along the garage. He dug a fort into it and Tovin stayed outside and played for a little as well.  


February 10, 2004Jeremy worked on studies for a good deal of the day. I have been trying to get a missions booklet done for the missions meeting tonight. I did get a rough draft done on our computer that shows what we have so far. I still need to hear from some of the missionaries so that I can get their info into the booklet. I brought Jeremy along with me to the meeting in the evening and he did a good job sitting quietly and listening. He drew some pictures and wrote some poems for Bonnie Smith, a veterinarian from our church, who was also attending the meeting.  


February 09, 2004Tovin still not feeling well. We keep him on meds and that helps the fever. Just feeling punk so I set him up on the couch to rest. Tali has been leaving so early in the morning that she usually doesn't see the kids until evening. They are always excitedly waiting for her when she gets home.  


February 08, 2004Tovin was feverish today. Maybe he got what Isaac had. No other big symptoms just a fever. Jeremy and I went to church today and that went fine. Took it easy in the afternoon.  


February 07, 2004Had a nice day today with all of us home. I was able to do some work in the basement and started to put down the floor tiles in the hallway. They look really nice but I messed up a few times.


February 06, 2004Friday. Tali is post-call today. Have Hooptime basketball tonight.


February 05, 2004Tali was on-call today. I decided to go visit my mom today. We arrived late morning and enjoyed a relaxing time. Jeremy went outside and I helped him make a snow tunnel in one of the snow piles. Isaac was in school when we got there but Kizzy brought him home and we all had dinner together. Isaac wasn't feeling good so they went home afterwards. It was too bad Isaac was sick as Jeremy really wanted to play outside with him.

We left around 3:00 and headed back to St. Cloud. We stopped at the hospital for supper with Tali and then went home after that.  


February 03, 2004Had a pretty good day getting things done around the house. Jana and Tovin took naps at the same time in the afternoon and I worked on the computer downstairs. Jeremy did some school work today but nothing that heavy.

Tali was able to get off work earlier than normal today so that I was able to go to a special Hoop Time meeting to draft teams. I had stayed up late last night working on which players I would select so was excited about the meeting. I was about a half hour late but they were eating pizza and pop so I hadn't missed much yet.

Fred wanted to be an assistant coach with me so that was nice and we got together to talk. The draft was fun and exciting as we all drew poker cards to see which number we would select. We got a good mix of players as did everyone else so it will be interesting how things go. I had my eye on one player who I recognized his name. Walter Lambrecht, 18 years old, 6'0 who plays highschool ball at Holdingford. I thought about it for…


February 04, 2004Jana slept much better last night. She only woke up once and I was able to put her back to sleep rather easily. We finally woke her up in the morning so Tali could nurse her before she had to leave for the hospital. Very cold this morning. -30 on our thermometer. Jeremy had piano lesson and I would have called and canceled if I would have had a phone number but since we didn't, we went. It is tough on the old van to start it when it is so cold.

Jeremy did really well at the lesson, passing all his songs. He did some studies in afternoon. Jana and Tovin took naps and I worked downstairs on computer getting things done. It was a rather productive time.

Started to snow making roads bad around the rush hour. Tali stopped at a wreck and started to check people over until the paramedics came and took over. She was a little delayed but still made it by 6:15. We had a hybrid tator tot hotdish which was well received by all.

Tali and I reviewed the federal taxes after the kid…


February 02, 2004Jana has been standing by leaning against the walls like this. We will give her credit for standing on her own. I think she could start to walk some but needs to build more confidence.

I didn't want to go out and about this morning but we really did need some new tires on the caravan. I called around and found that Fleet Farm was the cheapest and would work the best for the kids. We made an appointment for 10:30 and almost made it on time. Dropped it off and then took the double stroller, snacks, toys and water into Fleet to stroll around. The hour past quick but when we went over they had been trying to page me because they couldn't get a hub cap off easily without stripping it. I told them go ahead and they did. We waited for about 15 minutes before paying the $222.97. We got all 4 tires, 65,000 mile, white walls out, balanced, two valve stems, and kept two tires since they weren't really in bad need of replacement. Lot of money but it was a good deal con…


February 01, 2004This cold weather is getting old. Today it was somewhat warmer but about 2 inches new snow. The tire needed air again and Tali had to go back early. I got the car warmed up and car seats transferred so she could take Tovin and Jana with her. Jeremy and I took the Caravan to church where we were assigned to set-up coffee and cookies this morning. I had never done it so had to follow directions which took too long.

We then got to the Holiday Inn about 8:30 and had just missed Tali leaving breakfast and going to her meetings. She had ordered me 3 super huge blueberry pancakes. They were the cheapest on the menu like we agreed but I was exhausted and not very hungry. Jana was ravenous and throwing stuff everywhere on one side and Tovin was on the other not eating a thing but wanting to grab everything and climb out. Jeremy was good. Sarah, Jen and Bruce all sat and watched the show. I was tired. Bruce took Tovin and Tali returned to take Jana. I sat alone with Jeremy but j…