January 31, 2004

Tovin spiked a fever last evening of 101.2 axillary. We gave him some ibuprofen and he fell asleep at about 7:00. He slept the whole night until about 7 in the morning. Tali had to leave for her conference at the Holiday Inn. I packed everyone up and headed for an appointment at the clinic at 9:00. The right rear tire on the van is still losing air so had to air it up and then bring the compressor along just in case it went flat. Sure glad we still have Steve and Kizzy's compressor.

Dr. Hu was working so that was nice for us since she knows all of his history. They put a bag on him to catch his urine and then we went and drew a bunch of blood which he didn't care for but the nurse had a good poke and it didn't take long. They ran a chem 8 panel and did some blood cultures. The chem 8 will also check for diabetes since Tali thought we should do it just in case. We waited for him to pee and then the bag had leaked some but thankfully it was enough. Around 11:00 I was ready to leave and just have them call us but they called us back and everything was okay except the WBC which were slightly elevated showing most likely a viral infection. We were very thankful for the news.

We then went home, ate quick and to the Holiday Inn. Chris, Sarah, Veronica, Jen and Davin were already there at noon and Tali's parents arrived shortly after. They all got rooms and were going to stay the weekend. Jana settled in for a nap and I took Tovin and Jeremy swimming. After a bit we went back and Grandpa sat in the room while Tovin rested and Jeremy watched Sponge Bob.

I went to a marriage meeting with Tali which was okay. It was nice to be with Tali but not a very comfortable environment. The doctors and spouses were talking about how it was for them and how they never knew their kids and all but would do it all over again. Not too impressive. Person has to have priorities in line with what God wants. Maybe they should not have gotten married?

We had a great supper provided of lasangna and pasta stuff. It was relaxing because after the kids were fed we simply walked within viewing distance of the table and handed everyone off to relatives. I sat and had coffee with Loring, Ann, Lola, and Dewey. Dewey had very interesting stories to tell. He was born and raised a MK in Africa.

We went home to sleep and left the room empty with our stuff. Much easier environment at home.