January 30, 2004

Very cold this morning with temps at our house around -32. Jeremy let the dog out and then went down to get the paper. I boiled some water in the microwave so that he could go out and have some fun with the cold weather. Pictured is one of the times he threw the hot water into the air making a instant cloud. He also had some fun blowing bubbles and watching them freeze, break and blow away.

Surprise, Monroe Mechanical came today and spent about 15 minutes putting on the basement cold air return vents and ceiling vents. They are all white which doesn't really go with our colors and ceiling ones are cheap plastic but glad it is done.

Had another night of Hoop Time. I organized a 3-point shooting contest and that was fun. I tried it myself and got 6/10 which was one shy of the top kid there. I got lucky.