January 29, 2004

Another very cold day -25. Tali was up early and off to work. Tough night with Jana last night. She must be teething but up about every 5-15 minutes from 12:30 to 2:00 or something like that. It probably wasn't that bad but sure seemed like it. I gave her some oral gel gum numbing stuff and that helped some. Tylenol doesn't seem to do much for her.

Salsa had a vet appt. I didn't want to get out in cold but oh well. New record on our van thermometer -19. 111 for a high from August 2003 in Kansas. Vet went okay and kids loved it but another $90. Since van was warm we went to Cold Spring to see Mr. Minick. Short visit but it was good. Jeremy is quite wired yet and having a hard time following directions. I think that he is excited about this weekend's stay at the Holiday Inn.

We got home and I was tired and had lots to do. I made a list which always helps if I can keep from getting too overwhelmed. Naps were synchronized this afternoon so Jeremy did school work and I worked on taxes downstairs.

Tali is on-call today so we went to the hospital for supper. That went pretty good. I went to start van afterwards and rear tire was just about completely flat again. We quickly packed up the kids and rolled out. No gas stations with air and the ones that did were broken. We continued to limp home and made it okay after some praying. It could have been bad in this cold. Light on dash also came on today for "Washer Fluid." I figured this one would be no problem as I had some washer fluid from Christmas. I tried to pop the hood and broke the lever. This was frustrating. I know I'm tired but it is just a little too cold maybe.