January 28, 2004

Kind of a stressful day. Last night was a zoo as well. At 2:00 a.m. Veronica woke up screaming, which in turn woke up Tovin, which in turn woke up Jana. I was in the bedroom trying to soothe Veronica and then to Tovin to keep him asleep when Tali came in and Jana started crying behind her. Our zone defense was falling apart and we were out numbered. Tali took Veronica and Tovin and layed down in the bed. I went back and rocked Jana back to sleep. It took a while and we didn't get as much sleep as desired.

Cold cold day today. -20 on thermometer. However, Jeremy had piano lessons at 10:00. It is always a challenge to bundle up 2 and get Jeremy dressed and in van - adding Veronica did make it a bit tougher since we were on a time line. I finally got them bundled and secured (3 out of 4 need 5 point restraints) I went around to get in and noticed the rear tire was flat to the rim!!!

I remember the compressor of Steve and Kizzy's that we had and quickly brought it up and the tire did take air. I put the compressor in the vehicle just in case and headed out. Piano lesson didn't go so well as Jeremy was in a mood. He wet his bed again this morning and that always sets him off. I suppose we should get one of those potty pagers or something. Anyway, it wasn't an impressive lesson and the teacher had to ask him what was going on. He said it was personal. She said that he had to leave that at home and come to play. Anyway, whatever. We got going again after the lesson and went to garage to drop off car. Veronica wasn't used to my quick moving style and became a little unhappy with me and it was cold and Jana and Tovin complain as well. It was cold outside.

Drove the car into the heated garage to get it serviced and it was warmer outside the van than inside so I opened all the doors to reveal all these bundled up kids looking out at me from the frosty windows. I had to laugh. Anyway, this visit is going to be expensive. They rounded up a driver to take us home. Tovin didn't like the strange driver and new environment and started to cry hard. Veronica wasn't happy where she had to sit and Jana was on the edge. Jeremy kept touching Veronica and trying to soothe Tovin's tantrum while I was straping kids in. I walked around the 2003 town and country minivan shutting the doors and then jumped in and told the driver to just go. He smiled and thankfully did drive instead of having me get everyone secured. Tovin settled down but I didn't get Veronica's car seat all the way buckled in so when he slowed down for a turn, her whole seat came forward off the van seat dumping her out. What an ordeal. We finally got home and everyone was fed. I was exhausted.

Sarah called and we decided for her to come up since I didn't have a vehicle until late afternoon. Veronica seemed to be getting home sick as she kept saying she missed mommy and daddy. However, Jeremy was in a mood at the world and was tired of playing with Veronica so I think kept reminding her to tell me how much she missed her parents. Then Veronica was pushing Tovin a little and everyone was just a little on edge it seemed, I know I was.

Sarah came and everyone was playing nicely together. I thought Veronica would be happy to go but just the opposite. She was very tired but wanted to stay and continue to play. It made me feel good that she wanted to stay but kind of made me doubt more that all the comments she was making about wanting to go home were orginated from her. Anyway, it was time and it was very quiet after she left as Tovin and Jana both took naps. Jeremy said he enjoyed the quiet but yet missed Veronica. He continued to miss her the whole day. Kids are that way.

Van got done and cost was around $500. Whoooaaaa!!! Water pump bad and some O2 sensor that they felt was probably causing it to stall occasionally. Stuff that needed to be done I guess. Could have been more. The back tires need replaced as they say the threads are showing. That would be another $150 + and then to get the mirror fixed would be $130. Those will have to wait. Not sure how God is going to work this $500 deal but I'm sure it will work.