January 27, 2004

Able to stay home today. Beautiful morning with the golden sun coming up on a freshly snow covered world. Snow looks so nice on the cedars. Cold today.

Veronica is sure cute and fun to have around with us. Takes a little on both parts to get used to routines but it is getting there. Amazed at how scheduled and disciplined Veronica is in her nap taking and bathroom usage. She knows that after we eat it is nap time. Without me telling her she gets her things together, blanket, bunny, pillow and finds a place to bed down and rest or take a quiet time. As for the bathroom, she doesn't have to go much and never agrees to go when offered but when she does need to go she runs to me and needs to go right away. It works really good. All kids getting along pretty good today.

After supper everyone was running high on energy and dancing to the music the little toy Penguin made while it danced. A little tough getting Veronica and Tovin down in the same room as Tovin doesn't just lay down and go to sleep yet but we managed.  

Veronica, Tovin, and Jeremy