January 26, 2004

Snow! Finally some of our own!

I didn't want to go to town but we were out of milk and eggs. I took some suspended ceiling pieces back to Menards at the same time. We then went to Sams and had a quick in and out. On the way home Sarah called me back and we agreed that I would come down and pick up Veronica.

We stopped at home and ate then in the van again and headed towards cities. I expected the roads to get better but it was much worse. Black ice, maybe from exhaust or freezing rain but many accidents and cars in the ditches. Highway patrol, fire dept. and tow trucks all along the way to the cities. It made for a little slower drive but enjoy the winter and new snow falling.

We picked up Veronica and then headed back. No problems until home when the check engine light came on and stayed on. I called and scheduled an appt. when we got home for Wednesday.  

Jeremy and Tovin in the van