January 25, 2004

Stayed the night at Rose Lake and woke to lots of snow and it still snowing heavily. Very pretty and glad to see it finally. Lots of cancelations including Spruce Grove church. We were planning on leaving in morning but decided to wait until afternoon. The snow didn't let up and continued to come down in the afternoon. Probably had a foot of snow by early afternoon and it was still coming down.

Getting out of the driveway is always an adventure. Lots of ups and downs and getting stuck. Tali finally ran it out of the garage and up the partially sanded hill high enough to where she could hold her position. Tali's dad and I then went up and after putting sand in front of tires, sat on either side of the hood. It went up but it took a lot of doing. It is fun though. All-Wheel-Drive makes it too easy.

We took it easy going home with lots of snow and slow moving. Tovin and Jana slept which was good. We got back to St. Cloud and had NO new snow to our surprise. What a deal. That is just the way it is. I guess it is good that at least I don't have to shovel the driveway.