January 24, 2004

Had a big breakfast with Daniel and then packed the van up to travel to Rose Lake. Daniel was great in helping us get ready and even did the dishes! I really appreciated that and I didn't even ask. Nice guy.

We dropped Daniel off in Albertville and then turned around and headed North. We got to Rose Lake a little afternoon. We had scheduled a meeting with a realtor to view a place near Wymer Lake. 12 acres and a 2,000 + square foot house all within 3 miles of Rose Lake for $189,00. We took a look and weren't very impressed. It was a new house but weird floor design. The 12 acres had been cleared for horses and it was not a square lot. It was okay but not our style which I was glad since we aren't ready to buy but this just sounded too good.

Took it easy in the afternoon and then had a hot sauna in the evening. The ladies and Jana went first and then the guys. Jana didn't have a very good sauna this time but Tovin really enjoyed his once he got in. Jeremy went out and rolled in the snow for the first time this year and then returned to the sauna.