January 19, 2004

I didn't sleep good last night and Tali rolled out early and left the house at 5:15 for the hospital. I had lots of things to do today around the house but had a hard time getting going. We had a big turkey yesterday so have lots of leftovers but lots of dishes that have me overwhelmed.

Jana is at a stage where she can't stand to have things stacked on each other. I play with the blocks and as soon as I have a couple stacked up she smiles and bullets over to knock it down. I let Jeremy not do any studies today except personal reading and piano practice with 2 theory pages. He had gymnastics this evening and Tali stayed home with Tovin and Jana while I took him. He did pretty good and may be able to advance to the next level in a few weeks.

Tovin was playing a game with a soft blanket he found in Jana's crib. He wanted to be a little baby and be swaddled in it. Then I took it and put it around his head for him to wear. He was also carrying around a baby doll this morning just like I carry around Jana. It is fun and yet sobering to watch how all the kids mimic our actions.  

The future author of this blog, Tovin