January 16, 2004

Tough night last night. After I got to bed late, Tovin woke up around 1:00 and didn't want to go to bed. I was tired so I brought him in my bed and he fell back to sleep. Then, at 5:45 he sat up, looked around and loudly said, Da da. Jana immediately rustled in her crib and was up. I was able to give her some milk and get her back to bed but not Tovin.

Jana had her 9 month appointment today at 8:00 a.m. She is doing great in every area. She is 55% for height and 50% for the others. She weighed 19.3 lbs. I weighed Tovin with his clothes on and he weighed 26 lbs. Jeremy weighed in at 80 lbs. Jana didn't need any shots but we did want to have some blood drawn for some tests. I had brought the double stroller so Jeremy took Tovin in that out to the well child waiting room and watched TV. I heated a bottle with my thermos water before I headed back with her. She did very good and didn't cry when the needle first went in. I had a windmill I could blow for her to watch which worked good for distraction. She did get a big lip and start to cry when the lab lady couldn't find the vein and had to search around a bit. I prayed and thankfully she got a blood return. She was a brave little girl and did really good. I picked her up and held her and all was better. I gave her the bottle in the waiting room with the boys.

On the way home Tovin and Jana fell asleep so I decided to head down to Cold Spring and give them a little longer nap. We visited with Arne Minnick for about 45 minutes and Jeremy played a little piano for the residents.

Tali had a long night last night and got home around 2:00. She was tired and it worked out for her to nap with the little ones. She slept until about 6:30 downstairs in the spare room. We had supper and then after kids were in bed, I left about 8:30 for the first night of Hoop Time. I stopped at hospital and picked up 5 boxed dinners that were left over from Tali's noon meal. She had put them in the fridge because they were going to go to waste.

Hoop Time was fun. Less kids to start with but it might change. Just organized pick up games for the kids and it all went smoothly. I had a box lunch around midnight on the way home. I also stopped by bank and made a deposit before going home.