January 15, 2004

Tali was on-call in house today and will be for a few Thursdays in a row now due to the family medicine rotation.

I let Jeremy relax today and do free reading instead of regular scheduled studies. Tovin and Jana have been enjoying blanket forts lately. Jeremy built one in the living room a few days back and ever since it has been a hit. Tovin especially enjoys the forts in the cribs. I will put a blanket over the crib with holes on the sides and they play happily for some time. Have been noticing a lot more tea party type of play from Tovin and more pronunciation of words.

We went in for supper with Tali. We stopped by Ariso to look for the diaper I threw in the yard yesterday but it was gone now. We then went to Media Play to drop off a Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham coloring contest entry for Jeremy. They had little car carts that I placed Tovin in the front and Jana in the back. We strolled around while Jeremy waited in line. Tovin enjoyed steering the wheel and had a mini-tantrum when I took him out to go.

Tali wasn't able to spend much time with us but we did get fed. Jana then had a huge blowout and fortunately I had her in layers. Stunk the room up. We headed out and got home around 7:00. Jeremy got ready for bed and then listened to Adventures in Odessy in his room while I gave Tovin and Jana baths. Bedtime for Jana and Jeremy went routine but Tovin didn't want to sleep. I finally put him in crib and did dishes. After all were quiet I went down on computer and made a church bulletin announcement for Hoop Time and then showered up and in bed around midnight.