January 12, 2004

Tough day for Tali today as she started her family medicine rotation. She left before 7:00 and didn't return until after 10:00. This was the first day that she didn't see the kids all day long. I remember a few days like that when I was growing up. My dad would start work really early and then not get home until we were already in bed. Then the next day when we got up, he was already gone so we didn't see him until that evening. I remember it was a weird feeling.

The kids all did pretty good today. We went to town this morning for groceries. Bread store first and then to Sams Club. Things do seem to be cheaper at Sams but everything is more. I ended up saving money but spent $163. We had a full cart - little Jana was surrounded by stuff and Tovin had to walk with Jeremy. We got a gallon of mayo, 50 lbs of rice, 4 gallons of milk at $2.16 a piece, yogurt, 3 lbs cottage cheese, 8 lbs oranges, 8 lbs apples, toilet paper, diapers for Tovin and Jana, and some other stuff. We advanced diaper stages. Tovin is now going to wear #5's and Jana will advance to #4's. I weighed them on scale at home and Jana weighed almost 20 lbs and Tovin was around 26. That seems a little off. We have dr. appt. Friday and will get more accurate measurement.

Jeremy did studies in afternoon while Jana and Tovin took nice long naps. I then made a great stove top barley, carrot, potato, noodle, and venison stew. It was really good but we were pressed for time because Jeremy had gymnastics at 6:15. We were a little late but made it. Jeremy did pretty good tonight but some of the little girls in his class do cause trouble hitting him on the butt and I'm sure saying things. He does good. Tovin and Jana got a little restless towards the end. A little girl was willing to share her goldfish with Tovin and once she did, Tovin felt that he had rights to them as well. It went okay and he would only take one at a time. Nice of the little girl to share.

Got home and kids were good. We all listened to Adventures in Odessy on the radio up until 8:00. Then Jeremy got washed up and went down to read until 8:30. I put Jana to sleep easily and then tucked Jeremy in. Tovin needed a little food and milk before bed. He kept saying Mama and I would let him know that she was at work and will see her in morning. He did okay and was tired.

Interesting how much the little ones watch and copy the things I do. Tovin now plays with fake cups like he is drinking them and serving others. He also took out pans and with Jana played like he was putting things in the pan and baking I suppose. Before bed he was tearing off toilet paper and pretending he was blowing his nose. Amazing how they learn.

I finally felt a lower incisor on Jana today. So she is getting her first tooth. Tovin's vocabulary is coming along with book, ball, dada, mama, all done, and more that are getting a lot easier to understand.  

Hey Jana