January 11, 2004

Tali had to go back in to the hospital early this morning to round on her patients. She got back home around 9:30. Tovin has not been sleeping good and a little off so we decided that Tali would stay home with Tovin and Jana and Jeremy and I would go to church.

Jeremy and I sat right up front which was nice for a change. It was a good sermon and Jeremy did a good job listening and participating in the singing and note taking. We went to the bank afterwards, picked up a $1.06 movie rental, and got gas before going home.

In the afternoon the little ones took naps, Jeremy cleaned up his room some, and Tali and I hung the cabinets downstairs and organized the living room some. We have so much clutter. Jeremy wanted to watch finding Nemo again so we let him do that. Leftovers for supper. Tali and I had a good time together today. It was nice to spend some time together and we had a nice devotion time and talk before bed.