January 10, 2004

A very frustrating day today. I got home late from basketball and my shower woke Tovin up. So at 1:00 a.m. I was trying to put him back to sleep. He didn't want to go and was not feeling the best. I think he might be cutting some more teeth. I fell asleep with him and then tried to put him back down around 2:00 when I woke up cold and he wouldn't have it. So I got some more blankets and settled down on the bed with him for the night.

At around 4:30 a.m., Jana woke up. Tali was up with her and then I tried to put Tovin back down and was successful this time. Tali was on-call and had to go in around 6 or 7 to round on patients at hospital and then stay for urgent care clinic in the morning. Jana wouldn't sleep after Tali left and Tovin woke up early so everyone was up at 7:00 a.m. I was short on sleep.

The rest of the day didn't go any better. Tovin and Jana were both wild and probably both teething. I gave them both Tylenol in the afternoon and did get them to take naps at the same time. I also got a little nap as I had sent Jeremy downstairs to work on his computer.

Tali is having a bear of a day and was still not home by late afternoon. Tovin woke up when the phone rang and was upset and having tantrums. Nothing seemed to please him. I was spent and frustrated that Tali wasn't home to help and the kids were so wild.

We decided to go in to eat with Tali at 4:30. Tali had been dictating over at the clinic so she met us at hospital. As soon as we got in the call room, she had to go to the emergency room to see a nursing home patient that had come in. So we all waited in the call room and hallway for about an hour. I was spent. She finally came and we went to get food and then she got called away again while we were in the middle of getting food but hadn't paid yet. So Jeremy, Jana and I waited in the cafeteria until she came back about 10 minutes later to check us out so we could go eat. I was upset and told Tali about it which was unnecessary. We ate, I apologized to Tali and we went home. I put the kids to bed and then Tali got home about 10:00. What a tough day.