January 09, 2004

Tali worked again today and had another full day of clinic. They really seem to schedule her tough and work her hard.

The rest of us stayed home today. After naps and studies, we all went over to the Meyer's pond and did some skating and playing. Jeremy is getting better at skating and is using Tali's skates now as his feet are getting bigger. Tovin ran around and explored the cattails with Salsa. Jana was in the Weebok covered by a coat and I pushed her around while I skated. The Meyers got a new 4-wheeler with a snow plow for Christmas so the whole pond was cleared off which was great.

I made some beets from our garden this past summer along with other things. Jeremy tried some and said that they tasted like dirt. I didn't say anything except try to hold my laughter because for some reason they do taste like dirt. I ate the majority of them.

Jeremy played piano before bed and Tali instructed him while Tovin and Jana played.

I had the first night of Hoop Time midnight basketball tonight. It was a coaches clinic without the kids. There were about 10-15 of us volunteers and the guest speaker was the former coach of the University of Illonois Dick Nagy. He was very good and gave us some good pointers on how to coach. We concluded the evening by playing some ball until midnight.