January 08, 2004

Had a rather routine day. Towards the evening I planned to go to Clearwater to get the book "Rebekah" by Orson Scott Card from the library that I had placed a hold on - also was completely out of #4 Huggies. So on the way in we stopped at Warner Park and Jeremy and I did a little ice skating on Warner Lake while Tovin ran around and Jana sat on the ice in her car seat covered by a jacket. We didn't stay long as I'm sure Jana would have gotten cold just sitting around. It was fun.

We then got the diapers at Coborns and Jeremy picked up the book from the library. Tali got home shortly after we did and we had split pea soup in the crock pot and homemade bread just about ready to eat. It was a nice way to prepare a meal.

Tovin and Jana played hard on the piano in the evening. Tovin is also really getting into things. I think since he has grown some he has been able to get things more. He will find a drawer and empty it on the floor and then leave. I could put locks on the drawers but it isn't that bad yet.