January 07, 2004

Another cold day. However, we had to go to town today for Jeremy's 10:00 piano lesson. After the lesson we went up to the plaza to pick up a reimbursement check that Tali had to deposit it into the bank. Then we went to Cub and bought the groceries we could with the money we had. Running a little too tight on the money between paychecks. Pay day is Friday so that will be good. We were able to get enough groceries to make it by until then.

Came home and had dinner then naps and studies in the afternoon. Tali worked late tonight not getting home until after supper was over at 7:00. She had to admit a lady from the nursing home into the hospital. Tovin went down tough as we are trying to get him to lay down by himself and fall asleep. I lay down with him usually for a little while and then put him in crib. I guess it is time. After everyone was in bed I went to the gym and had a nice time exercising. I don't like doing it so late in evening but there is no other good time.

Jana keeps putting things in her mouth and I have been fishing them out. Today I saw her gumming something and stuck my finger in and found her first ladybug. I think it was an old dead one because she wasn't making any fuss. She is so quick, I really have to watch her and keep floors clean.