January 03, 2004

Jana slept better last night with only getting up at 12:30 and me able to put her back down without much fuss. Hung around the house in the morning. Steve had brought up the aerial photos and I had looked at those last night and drew section and property lines so looked at those some more this morning. Kim, Sean and Jeremy played rook while my mom was busy working in the kitchen as she was most of the time. Mom made huge meals for every meal and I cannot imagine how much planning, organization and work that it takes to prepare, serve and then clean up for this many people every meal. I think she spent the majority of the time we were there either preparing food or cleaning up after the meals. I would have offered more help but my help was not welcome and I understand that.

We left after dinner and had to do the big packing thing again. We got left and Tovin was asleep as soon as we hit highway 27. It was a nice visit for us but I think a lot of work for my mom to have us all visiting at once.

We got home and unpacked most of the stuff. We are due to get groceries but will see if we can manage for a while longer. We did end up going into Home Depot to spend some/all of the Christmas money we got on some cabinets for downstairs. We went to Taco Bell before we came home.  

Grandma Bonnie making food