January 02, 2004

Had a little tough night with Jana waking up a few times but we managed. Dad went to work early this morning and mom was up early to make us feel at home and make us breakfast. I had a very enjoyable grapefruit and coffee with full breakfast to follow. Everyone woke up and the day got going.

We hung around the house for a while and then Sean wanted to find some ice to skate on so headed out behind Steve and Kizzys to the small beaver dam. Sean, Jeremy, Isaac, Jer, Kim, Tovin and I all ended up out on the ice and played around. Salsa and Little Lady were also present and frolicing in the snow. We headed in for dinner and Jer had to get back to Cities for work. The picture is of Kim and Sean sliding on the ice at each other with Sean skating in the background.

After another full scale meal, Tovin and Jana were ready for naps hopefully. Tali had stayed back with Jana and gave her a nice long nap in the morning so she didn't want to sleep in the afternoon. My mom and Kim went to Mora while Sean, Jeremy and I went on a great hike around the property to eventually do some ice skating on Nelson's dam. We went out around the big hill across the 80, land bridge, and to Nelsons. We saw one deer and a grouse but lots of timber wolf tracks instead of the usual many deer tracks. It was a very enjoyable trek for me. We finally arrived at Nelson's pond the very round about way we came. It was pretty decent skating with not too much snow on it. Jeremy played around for a while with sticks while Sean and I skated and played sword fights with Jeremy occasionally. We finally walked in along the east property line. A very enjoyable time.

Jeremy, Kim and Sean played the game of Life when we got back. Things got a bit chaotic in the evening with everyone kind of being tired we went to bed early. Sean was hoping to head back out to the pond and skate in the dark with a fire along side and it would have been a lot of fun but there wasn't a moon out and Kim had already fallen asleep. I didn't feel right leaving Tali behind or us both leaving the kids behind so we skipped it.