January 01, 2004

Happy New Year 2004!

We got up and took it easy in the morning. In the afternoon we left the house about 2:00 for my parents place. We had lots of packing to do and it makes it so much work and such a chore. One doesn't want to forget anything and we need to bring so much. The Caravan is a very nice vehicle for this as we have plenty of room for packing all we need and the dog in the back. We left at 2:00 so that Tovin and Jana could take naps during the drive. Jeremy had a Hank the Cow Dog book to read - #4 Faded Love and I was reading a marriage building book that Tali got from Paul Wenner.

We arrived and unpacked. It was very nice to be at my old home. Steve and Kizzy came up for supper and Kim and Sean arrived about 7:00. We were expecting Jer earlier but he and Denise didn't arrive until about 8:30. We opened gifts and had a good time hanging out with each other. It was very nice to be together.

We slept in Kim's old room upstairs in a single bed, Jana slept in our room in the binky and Jeremy and Tovin slept on the floor in the office with Salsa. It worked out very nicely and we were able to use some fans to create white noise so that the visiting didn't wake anyone.