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January 31, 2004Tovin spiked a fever last evening of 101.2 axillary. We gave him some ibuprofen and he fell asleep at about 7:00. He slept the whole night until about 7 in the morning. Tali had to leave for her conference at the Holiday Inn. I packed everyone up and headed for an appointment at the clinic at 9:00. The right rear tire on the van is still losing air so had to air it up and then bring the compressor along just in case it went flat. Sure glad we still have Steve and Kizzy's compressor.

Dr. Hu was working so that was nice for us since she knows all of his history. They put a bag on him to catch his urine and then we went and drew a bunch of blood which he didn't care for but the nurse had a good poke and it didn't take long. They ran a chem 8 panel and did some blood cultures. The chem 8 will also check for diabetes since Tali thought we should do it just in case. We waited for him to pee and then the bag had leaked some but thankfully it was enough. Around 11:0…


January 30, 2004Very cold this morning with temps at our house around -32. Jeremy let the dog out and then went down to get the paper. I boiled some water in the microwave so that he could go out and have some fun with the cold weather. Pictured is one of the times he threw the hot water into the air making a instant cloud. He also had some fun blowing bubbles and watching them freeze, break and blow away.

Surprise, Monroe Mechanical came today and spent about 15 minutes putting on the basement cold air return vents and ceiling vents. They are all white which doesn't really go with our colors and ceiling ones are cheap plastic but glad it is done.

Had another night of Hoop Time. I organized a 3-point shooting contest and that was fun. I tried it myself and got 6/10 which was one shy of the top kid there. I got lucky.  


January 29, 2004Another very cold day -25. Tali was up early and off to work. Tough night with Jana last night. She must be teething but up about every 5-15 minutes from 12:30 to 2:00 or something like that. It probably wasn't that bad but sure seemed like it. I gave her some oral gel gum numbing stuff and that helped some. Tylenol doesn't seem to do much for her.

Salsa had a vet appt. I didn't want to get out in cold but oh well. New record on our van thermometer -19. 111 for a high from August 2003 in Kansas. Vet went okay and kids loved it but another $90. Since van was warm we went to Cold Spring to see Mr. Minick. Short visit but it was good. Jeremy is quite wired yet and having a hard time following directions. I think that he is excited about this weekend's stay at the Holiday Inn.

We got home and I was tired and had lots to do. I made a list which always helps if I can keep from getting too overwhelmed. Naps were synchronized this afternoon so Jeremy did school w…


January 28, 2004Kind of a stressful day. Last night was a zoo as well. At 2:00 a.m. Veronica woke up screaming, which in turn woke up Tovin, which in turn woke up Jana. I was in the bedroom trying to soothe Veronica and then to Tovin to keep him asleep when Tali came in and Jana started crying behind her. Our zone defense was falling apart and we were out numbered. Tali took Veronica and Tovin and layed down in the bed. I went back and rocked Jana back to sleep. It took a while and we didn't get as much sleep as desired.

Cold cold day today. -20 on thermometer. However, Jeremy had piano lessons at 10:00. It is always a challenge to bundle up 2 and get Jeremy dressed and in van - adding Veronica did make it a bit tougher since we were on a time line. I finally got them bundled and secured (3 out of 4 need 5 point restraints) I went around to get in and noticed the rear tire was flat to the rim!!!

I remember the compressor of Steve and Kizzy's that we had and quickly brought it up…


January 27, 2004Able to stay home today. Beautiful morning with the golden sun coming up on a freshly snow covered world. Snow looks so nice on the cedars. Cold today.

Veronica is sure cute and fun to have around with us. Takes a little on both parts to get used to routines but it is getting there. Amazed at how scheduled and disciplined Veronica is in her nap taking and bathroom usage. She knows that after we eat it is nap time. Without me telling her she gets her things together, blanket, bunny, pillow and finds a place to bed down and rest or take a quiet time. As for the bathroom, she doesn't have to go much and never agrees to go when offered but when she does need to go she runs to me and needs to go right away. It works really good. All kids getting along pretty good today.

After supper everyone was running high on energy and dancing to the music the little toy Penguin made while it danced. A little tough getting Veronica and Tovin down in the same room as Tovin doesn't j…


January 26, 2004Snow! Finally some of our own!

I didn't want to go to town but we were out of milk and eggs. I took some suspended ceiling pieces back to Menards at the same time. We then went to Sams and had a quick in and out. On the way home Sarah called me back and we agreed that I would come down and pick up Veronica.

We stopped at home and ate then in the van again and headed towards cities. I expected the roads to get better but it was much worse. Black ice, maybe from exhaust or freezing rain but many accidents and cars in the ditches. Highway patrol, fire dept. and tow trucks all along the way to the cities. It made for a little slower drive but enjoy the winter and new snow falling.

We picked up Veronica and then headed back. No problems until home when the check engine light came on and stayed on. I called and scheduled an appt. when we got home for Wednesday.  


January 25, 2004Stayed the night at Rose Lake and woke to lots of snow and it still snowing heavily. Very pretty and glad to see it finally. Lots of cancelations including Spruce Grove church. We were planning on leaving in morning but decided to wait until afternoon. The snow didn't let up and continued to come down in the afternoon. Probably had a foot of snow by early afternoon and it was still coming down.

Getting out of the driveway is always an adventure. Lots of ups and downs and getting stuck. Tali finally ran it out of the garage and up the partially sanded hill high enough to where she could hold her position. Tali's dad and I then went up and after putting sand in front of tires, sat on either side of the hood. It went up but it took a lot of doing. It is fun though. All-Wheel-Drive makes it too easy.

We took it easy going home with lots of snow and slow moving. Tovin and Jana slept which was good. We got back to St. Cloud and had NO new snow to our surprise. What a d…


January 24, 2004Had a big breakfast with Daniel and then packed the van up to travel to Rose Lake. Daniel was great in helping us get ready and even did the dishes! I really appreciated that and I didn't even ask. Nice guy.

We dropped Daniel off in Albertville and then turned around and headed North. We got to Rose Lake a little afternoon. We had scheduled a meeting with a realtor to view a place near Wymer Lake. 12 acres and a 2,000 + square foot house all within 3 miles of Rose Lake for $189,00. We took a look and weren't very impressed. It was a new house but weird floor design. The 12 acres had been cleared for horses and it was not a square lot. It was okay but not our style which I was glad since we aren't ready to buy but this just sounded too good.

Took it easy in the afternoon and then had a hot sauna in the evening. The ladies and Jana went first and then the guys. Jana didn't have a very good sauna this time but Tovin really enjoyed his once he got in. Jeremy …


January 23, 2004Tali was post-call today and tired when she got home in the afternoon. Daniel Thomas came late for supper as he was attending a Christian engineering conference in Albertville. He had a quick supper and then took our Subaru to the conference. I stayed at home until he returned and then we went late for Hoop Time basketball. It was nice to have Daniel staying with us and we should have him up more.  


January 22, 2004Cold day today. Jeremy worked hard on school work in the morning and then Grandpa Bruce stopped by on his way to the state capital for a anti-abortion/pro-life demonstration. Jeremy was allowed to go with and he brought all his warm ice fishing gear with.

Jeremy and Grandpa returned around 4:00 and we all went to see Tali who was on-call. We had supper and Tali was able to stay for the most of it but was called away at the end. We all enjoyed having her dad with us for supper and a visit.  


January 21, 2004Jeremy had piano lesson today. Later at home he was practicing and Jana wanted to play too. She really enjoyed watching Jeremy play and getting into the music by shaking around and playing as well.


January 20, 2004We went to town today. Jeremy did some studies while Tovin and Jana played.

At home Tovin is going through a time where he is playing daddy to a little baby doll that we have. He holds it like I hold Jana and pushed it around in his stroller. Then when Tali got home he wanted to be the baby. He would lay the blanket on the floor like he was going to wrap the doll up but then would lay down himself. It was cute.  


January 19, 2004I didn't sleep good last night and Tali rolled out early and left the house at 5:15 for the hospital. I had lots of things to do today around the house but had a hard time getting going. We had a big turkey yesterday so have lots of leftovers but lots of dishes that have me overwhelmed.

Jana is at a stage where she can't stand to have things stacked on each other. I play with the blocks and as soon as I have a couple stacked up she smiles and bullets over to knock it down. I let Jeremy not do any studies today except personal reading and piano practice with 2 theory pages. He had gymnastics this evening and Tali stayed home with Tovin and Jana while I took him. He did pretty good and may be able to advance to the next level in a few weeks.

Tovin was playing a game with a soft blanket he found in Jana's crib. He wanted to be a little baby and be swaddled in it. Then I took it and put it around his head for him to wear. He was also carrying around a baby doll t…


January 18, 2004Cold morning -15. We tried to make it to Sunday school but was running late so we arrived early for church. It was nice to talk with some people before the service. Tali wanted to sit right in the front, so we did. It is tough with the little ones but their is a door right off the side so that is good. We ended up having to take them out a couple times and Tali finally took both Jana and Tovin to nursery.

Took it easy in the afternoon. I finished up my 2003 journal and have it all on my computer ready to burn to a CD. Jana sure likes to play piano like Jeremy and Tovin. Fun to watch.  


January 17, 2004Tali was very nice and let me sleep in to around 8:00. I was quite tired and needed the little extra sleep.

Jana is at the stage of taking two naps/day so at the first nap around 9:30-10:00, Tali took Tovin and Jeremy and went for a run. I stayed inside and worked on the suspended ceiling downstairs. Had to build a box at the bottom of the stairs so the ceiling could attach. It turned out really perfect looking. As for the suspended ceiling things - well they are up but not sure how it is all supposed to work yet. Tali and I worked on it together in the afternoon. Jeremy put together a puzzle and Tovin and Jana played in the basement living room area.

Felt good getting that ceiling started.  


January 16, 2004Tough night last night. After I got to bed late, Tovin woke up around 1:00 and didn't want to go to bed. I was tired so I brought him in my bed and he fell back to sleep. Then, at 5:45 he sat up, looked around and loudly said, Da da. Jana immediately rustled in her crib and was up. I was able to give her some milk and get her back to bed but not Tovin.

Jana had her 9 month appointment today at 8:00 a.m. She is doing great in every area. She is 55% for height and 50% for the others. She weighed 19.3 lbs. I weighed Tovin with his clothes on and he weighed 26 lbs. Jeremy weighed in at 80 lbs. Jana didn't need any shots but we did want to have some blood drawn for some tests. I had brought the double stroller so Jeremy took Tovin in that out to the well child waiting room and watched TV. I heated a bottle with my thermos water before I headed back with her. She did very good and didn't cry when the needle first went in. I had a windmill I could blow for her to w…


January 15, 2004Tali was on-call in house today and will be for a few Thursdays in a row now due to the family medicine rotation.

I let Jeremy relax today and do free reading instead of regular scheduled studies. Tovin and Jana have been enjoying blanket forts lately. Jeremy built one in the living room a few days back and ever since it has been a hit. Tovin especially enjoys the forts in the cribs. I will put a blanket over the crib with holes on the sides and they play happily for some time. Have been noticing a lot more tea party type of play from Tovin and more pronunciation of words.

We went in for supper with Tali. We stopped by Ariso to look for the diaper I threw in the yard yesterday but it was gone now. We then went to Media Play to drop off a Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham coloring contest entry for Jeremy. They had little car carts that I placed Tovin in the front and Jana in the back. We strolled around while Jeremy waited in line. Tovin enjoyed steering the wheel and had a m…


January 14, 2004Jeremy had piano lesson today and that went okay. Jana fell asleep in the van so I left her sleep in her car seat while Jeremy played and Tovin explored the entryway inside. He had a bad diaper while we were there and as always I roll it up and throw it outside in the yard so it doesn't stink up the place and I pick it up when I leave. However, I forgot to pick it up. I called to let her know it was there and I was sorry. We stopped at the bank to get 2 allowances that I owe Jeremy. 10 years old so he gets 10 dollars. 50% he keeps, 40% savings, and 10% tithe.

Jeremy did some studies in the afternoon while Jana and Tovin played.  


January 13, 2004Tali was up early in the morning and was able to nurse Jana back to sleep around 5 a.m. and then Tovin woke up just as she was supposed to be leaving so she hung around for him a little. I also got Jeremy up so she was at least able to see the kids awake before heading off on another day.

Tali had a better day today and was home at a reasonable time. After the kids were in bed she wanted me to give her a big haircut. I didn't want to cut it so short but she wanted it to her chin. I must have taken about 6 inches off but the end result was good and she is happy with it.  


January 12, 2004Tough day for Tali today as she started her family medicine rotation. She left before 7:00 and didn't return until after 10:00. This was the first day that she didn't see the kids all day long. I remember a few days like that when I was growing up. My dad would start work really early and then not get home until we were already in bed. Then the next day when we got up, he was already gone so we didn't see him until that evening. I remember it was a weird feeling.

The kids all did pretty good today. We went to town this morning for groceries. Bread store first and then to Sams Club. Things do seem to be cheaper at Sams but everything is more. I ended up saving money but spent $163. We had a full cart - little Jana was surrounded by stuff and Tovin had to walk with Jeremy. We got a gallon of mayo, 50 lbs of rice, 4 gallons of milk at $2.16 a piece, yogurt, 3 lbs cottage cheese, 8 lbs oranges, 8 lbs apples, toilet paper, diapers for Tovin and Jana, and some oth…


January 11, 2004Tali had to go back in to the hospital early this morning to round on her patients. She got back home around 9:30. Tovin has not been sleeping good and a little off so we decided that Tali would stay home with Tovin and Jana and Jeremy and I would go to church.

Jeremy and I sat right up front which was nice for a change. It was a good sermon and Jeremy did a good job listening and participating in the singing and note taking. We went to the bank afterwards, picked up a $1.06 movie rental, and got gas before going home.

In the afternoon the little ones took naps, Jeremy cleaned up his room some, and Tali and I hung the cabinets downstairs and organized the living room some. We have so much clutter. Jeremy wanted to watch finding Nemo again so we let him do that. Leftovers for supper. Tali and I had a good time together today. It was nice to spend some time together and we had a nice devotion time and talk before bed.  


January 10, 2004A very frustrating day today. I got home late from basketball and my shower woke Tovin up. So at 1:00 a.m. I was trying to put him back to sleep. He didn't want to go and was not feeling the best. I think he might be cutting some more teeth. I fell asleep with him and then tried to put him back down around 2:00 when I woke up cold and he wouldn't have it. So I got some more blankets and settled down on the bed with him for the night.

At around 4:30 a.m., Jana woke up. Tali was up with her and then I tried to put Tovin back down and was successful this time. Tali was on-call and had to go in around 6 or 7 to round on patients at hospital and then stay for urgent care clinic in the morning. Jana wouldn't sleep after Tali left and Tovin woke up early so everyone was up at 7:00 a.m. I was short on sleep.

The rest of the day didn't go any better. Tovin and Jana were both wild and probably both teething. I gave them both Tylenol in the afternoon and did get the…


January 09, 2004Tali worked again today and had another full day of clinic. They really seem to schedule her tough and work her hard.

The rest of us stayed home today. After naps and studies, we all went over to the Meyer's pond and did some skating and playing. Jeremy is getting better at skating and is using Tali's skates now as his feet are getting bigger. Tovin ran around and explored the cattails with Salsa. Jana was in the Weebok covered by a coat and I pushed her around while I skated. The Meyers got a new 4-wheeler with a snow plow for Christmas so the whole pond was cleared off which was great.

I made some beets from our garden this past summer along with other things. Jeremy tried some and said that they tasted like dirt. I didn't say anything except try to hold my laughter because for some reason they do taste like dirt. I ate the majority of them.

Jeremy played piano before bed and Tali instructed him while Tovin and Jana played.

I had the first night of Hoop Time …


January 08, 2004Had a rather routine day. Towards the evening I planned to go to Clearwater to get the book "Rebekah" by Orson Scott Card from the library that I had placed a hold on - also was completely out of #4 Huggies. So on the way in we stopped at Warner Park and Jeremy and I did a little ice skating on Warner Lake while Tovin ran around and Jana sat on the ice in her car seat covered by a jacket. We didn't stay long as I'm sure Jana would have gotten cold just sitting around. It was fun.

We then got the diapers at Coborns and Jeremy picked up the book from the library. Tali got home shortly after we did and we had split pea soup in the crock pot and homemade bread just about ready to eat. It was a nice way to prepare a meal.

Tovin and Jana played hard on the piano in the evening. Tovin is also really getting into things. I think since he has grown some he has been able to get things more. He will find a drawer and empty it on the floor and then leave. I could p…


January 07, 2004Another cold day. However, we had to go to town today for Jeremy's 10:00 piano lesson. After the lesson we went up to the plaza to pick up a reimbursement check that Tali had to deposit it into the bank. Then we went to Cub and bought the groceries we could with the money we had. Running a little too tight on the money between paychecks. Pay day is Friday so that will be good. We were able to get enough groceries to make it by until then.

Came home and had dinner then naps and studies in the afternoon. Tali worked late tonight not getting home until after supper was over at 7:00. She had to admit a lady from the nursing home into the hospital. Tovin went down tough as we are trying to get him to lay down by himself and fall asleep. I lay down with him usually for a little while and then put him in crib. I guess it is time. After everyone was in bed I went to the gym and had a nice time exercising. I don't like doing it so late in evening but there is no other go…


January 06, 2004Very cold again today with the thermometer reading -10 in the morning. Tali had to work but the rest of us stayed home. Jeremy worked on studies while I tried to keep an eye on Tovin and Jana and get some things done around the house. I put the cabinets together downstairs with help. Tovin watched very carefully and tried to mimic everything I was doing. He lined up the nails for me to nail and then tried to do the same as Jeremy as he was helping me measure.

It is full moon and Tovin especially at his age loves to watch the full moon come up and trak it as it travels around the house. He points and repeatedly says moon.  


January 05, 2004Back at it today. Tali had diabetes clinic that started later so was able to not leave as early. Did some dishes and laundry today and tried to get the little ones back into their sleep schedules. Made a wonderful wild rice, barley, steamed carrots and baked Walleye from Rose Lake supper tonight. However, I didn't get it done in time and Jeremy and I had to leave without supper for gymnastics at 6:15.

Jeremy did very good in his behavior today. His teacher is a little stricter and expects more from him which he does not like but it is good for him.  


January 04, 2004We made it to church just a little late and sat in the far back row. It seems to be so much work to go to church with the kids but know it is important. I took Tovin and Jana out once, Tali took Jeremy out twice and so on. We made it through.

Had rice and dahl for dinner. Took it easy in the afternoon and tried not to do much. We were supposed to go out to eat for supper with a prospective resident but the person had canceled. It was too bad that we weren't able to go out yet I was glad for once that we could stay home and relax.  


January 03, 2004Jana slept better last night with only getting up at 12:30 and me able to put her back down without much fuss. Hung around the house in the morning. Steve had brought up the aerial photos and I had looked at those last night and drew section and property lines so looked at those some more this morning. Kim, Sean and Jeremy played rook while my mom was busy working in the kitchen as she was most of the time. Mom made huge meals for every meal and I cannot imagine how much planning, organization and work that it takes to prepare, serve and then clean up for this many people every meal. I think she spent the majority of the time we were there either preparing food or cleaning up after the meals. I would have offered more help but my help was not welcome and I understand that.

We left after dinner and had to do the big packing thing again. We got left and Tovin was asleep as soon as we hit highway 27. It was a nice visit for us but I think a lot of work for my mom to have u…


January 02, 2004Had a little tough night with Jana waking up a few times but we managed. Dad went to work early this morning and mom was up early to make us feel at home and make us breakfast. I had a very enjoyable grapefruit and coffee with full breakfast to follow. Everyone woke up and the day got going.

We hung around the house for a while and then Sean wanted to find some ice to skate on so headed out behind Steve and Kizzys to the small beaver dam. Sean, Jeremy, Isaac, Jer, Kim, Tovin and I all ended up out on the ice and played around. Salsa and Little Lady were also present and frolicing in the snow. We headed in for dinner and Jer had to get back to Cities for work. The picture is of Kim and Sean sliding on the ice at each other with Sean skating in the background.

After another full scale meal, Tovin and Jana were ready for naps hopefully. Tali had stayed back with Jana and gave her a nice long nap in the morning so she didn't want to sleep in the afternoon. My mom and Kim…


January 01, 2004Happy New Year 2004!

We got up and took it easy in the morning. In the afternoon we left the house about 2:00 for my parents place. We had lots of packing to do and it makes it so much work and such a chore. One doesn't want to forget anything and we need to bring so much. The Caravan is a very nice vehicle for this as we have plenty of room for packing all we need and the dog in the back. We left at 2:00 so that Tovin and Jana could take naps during the drive. Jeremy had a Hank the Cow Dog book to read - #4 Faded Love and I was reading a marriage building book that Tali got from Paul Wenner.

We arrived and unpacked. It was very nice to be at my old home. Steve and Kizzy came up for supper and Kim and Sean arrived about 7:00. We were expecting Jer earlier but he and Denise didn't arrive until about 8:30. We opened gifts and had a good time hanging out with each other. It was very nice to be together.

We slept in Kim's old room upstairs in a single bed, Jana sl…