December 25, 2018

Tali was able to get home rather early so we opened gifts in the morning. We all got lots of nice stuff. In the afternoon we went to Cold Spring to visit Mr. Minnick in the nursing home. We wheeled him around and looked at different things. Lot of visitors today. We took the rest of the day easy and had advent and the reading of the Christmas story in the evening. It was a nice day.

We sent out about 80-90 Christmas cards this year. Below is what we wrote:

Christmas Greetings 2003!

As you can see we've had another addition to our family. In April we welcomed Jana Vesta. She will be officially adopted when all the paperwork and court proceedings are finished. Jana is 8 months old and working hard to keep up with her big brothers.

Tovin is now 18 months old and running all over -very busy little guy. He had surgery to correct his urinary reflux in September. It wasn't a fun time but hopefully now things are taken care of.

Jeremy is almost 10 and is in the 4th grade at Fairfax Academy - homeschool. He is doing very well academically. He continues to take piano lessons and has been doing gymnastics every Monday night. He is also involved in the local 4H-homeschool group, Sunday school and likes attending special events at the local college.

Talitha is in her 2nd year of Mayo family practice residency at St. Cloud Hospital. She is working somewhat less now that they have passed the law that residents can only work 80 hours/week. She is staying very busy balancing work and family life but doing a great job.

I am at home and though there are days, the majority are very enjoyable. It is a blessing that one of us can be home all the time. God is definitely with me and I couldn't manage without his continual presence in my life.

As a family this year we planted a garden, harvested a garden, almost finished our basement, visited Michigan, Colorado and South Dakota, went deer hunting and froze lots of venison, built a play fort in the back yard, played with our cats and dog and took a lot of walks at the local park.

God has greatly blessed us with so much and we are very thankful. We are currently celebrating Advent representing two things: waiting for Christmas day celebrating the birth of Jesus and waiting for the return of Jesus yet to come. May your hearts and minds be at peace and focused on Jesus as Christmas is coming soon!

With Love,
Jason, Talitha, Jeremy, Tovin, and Jana