December 27, 2003

Had an okay day today. We had stayed up late last night talking. Tali slept-in this morning and I was up early with the little ones. I like to get up early but then I resent Tali sleeping in late and me having to feed and dress everyone for the day. Anyway that set the tone a bit for the day I think.

Very warm outside with snow melting off roof. We tried ice skating but it was no good because our blades would sink into the ice. So Jeremy and I cleared off an area anyway and there was lots of water on top of the ice. Jeremy got very wet from falling on ice into the puddles. The warm temps were good for building snowmen. Jeremy and I built a very tall one that we decided to transform into a rocket which looked really good. I went in while Jeremy put some finishing touches on it. It later fell down due to warm temps but it looked good for a while.

Dorothy and Paul Soumala came over for a visit along with their son-in-law David. Later Elmer, Miriam and Eno stopped by. Had a nice time visiting. I washed up Jeremy and Tovin in the sauna and then enjoyed a nice hot one myself. It was very relaxing. Went to bed earlier tonight.