December 24, 2003

We stopped by social services yesterday as they had a present for Jana since she was still technically in foster care. They had a bunch of bags to pick from and the worker helped us find one for a girl under 5 years. The stuff in it was practical things and some coloring items. It did have a baby doll in it that Tovin has been carrying around. It has a pacifier that he likes to manipulate and it is fun to watch. He has also been putting Tupperware dishes on his head and the dogs.

Tali is on in-house call today and tonight. We stayed at home and had a normal day pretty much. For supper we all got dressed up and went to the hospital for supper. Jeremy and Tovin wore their new Christmas sweaters and Jana wore her new first Christmas outfit. We had a good meal and then the kids opened one gift. They all got new pajamas to sleep in tonight. Jeremy also got some socks and underwear in his. We dressed them in their pajamas and headed home around 7:30.

After the kids were in bed, I decorated the house more for Christmas. I made a sign that read Jesus over the Advent candle and hung streamers of red and green from the ceiling. I also decorated the bathroom calendar around the 25th and printed out the Christmas story and put it up in the bathroom. Finally I put the red table cloth out and made sure everything looked really nice. It makes tonight and tomorrow feel more special.  

Jason, Tovin, Jana, and Jeremy